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Mommy diary #7: The Kindergarten issue / Mamincin denik #7: problem se skolou

Hahna recently turned big 5 and therefore it’s time for my semi-annual update about her language skills. From now on I am also going to be including her little sister Ava, since she is almost two (21 months), and her fun-loving personality is starting to come out (including her bilingual skills).
The first exciting thing I want to mention is that they are bravely keeping up with the rule #1 which is ‘we speak Czech when only mom (or Czech tetas) is around’. They really do! They talk and talk and talk and even when I am in another room they talk Czech. Hahna is teaching Ava Czech words and making her repeat them. Thanks to her chattering busy sister, Ava’s language skills are well above her average. Every morning Ava says: “Mami pisla (Mommy came)!”. Or “Ci bonbonty (I want candy)”. Or “Co to bylo? (What was that?)”, “Co to je?” (‘What is that?’), ‘Ja ci videt’ (I want to see) and so forth. But when daddy or grandma are around they both ‘magically’ switch into English – even Ava! It’s truly amazing.

Not very long ago, Ava’s vocabulary created a funny situation. About a month ago, I was playing only with Ava, while Hahna was in the other room. Once Hahna’s eagle eyes spotted it she came in and wanted to play with us too. The girls, however are a bit jealous of their ‘mommy and me’ time and Ava got a bit flustered. She hit Hahna and said “Bitch!”. I was appalled! What did she just say?? Where did she hear that word??? But then I thought twice about it and I realized she is saying ‘pyc’ meaning ‘pryc’ (= ‘away’ like ‘go away’) only in her toddler language it sounded like the ‘B’ word.

One difficult situation we are dealing with, however, is her school. She started kindergarten in August and her class is over 2/3  Hispanic.  That is not uncommon in California, however, what is concerning is most of these Hispanic kids do not speak English. Before she started going to school we had a meeting with the principal and she assured us that the ethnic group ratio is quite even. Well, what we did not realize is that one of the close by elementary schools was shut down because it was underperforming (most kids were Hispanic and did not speak much English therefore their grades were bad) and all of those students went to Hahna’s school.

You see we are all for diversity but once one Ethnic group dominates AND does not speak English then we are not talking about integration but isolation. Hahna only has a handful of kids that she can speak to since she does not speak Spanish (and I am sure there is not another child that speaks Czech :). The teacher struggles explaining the tasks in class in English because most kids don’t get what she is saying and I have seen her speak Spanish just for that particular reason.

I am going to volunteer in class every week (starting next week) for about a hour and half and absorb the situation. How many kids exactly don’t speak English? How much does the teacher speak Spanish? Are the English-speaking children bored? Is there a chaos in the class? I have been also looking into the charter school system  which looks very promising…but very overcrowded. One popular charter school in particular had 49 (!!) kids on the waiting list for kindergarten!!!!

It is a shame that parents have to go through this. I feel for the Hispanic kids, I mean, their parents don’t speak English and although there are many government-funded after-school tutorial programs they can’t do possibly do all the work – the parents have to help! Also, the school system should not concentrate on the n0n-English speakers; the English-speaking kids should be their priority  and that does not seem the case. I am worried because Hahna already is bilingual and needs to strengthen her English skills. I don’t mind her learnig yet another language, in fact that would be wonderful, however only AFTER she perfects her English. Does that makes sense?

I just don’t understand why the school does not divide them into two groups at the beginning, one being the ESL group and the other one being the English-speaking group, and merge them together until the ESL group learns to speak English. Something needs to be done or all of the public, non-charter schools will get shut down for low performance.

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  • Eva Z September 2, 2012, 4:43 pm

    That is upsetting! Where are we, in Mexico??? Why should we even be concerned about this in the United States that our kids will be spoken to in a foreign language in school we are paying taxes for! I’m sure other mothers are concerned about this too. Tani, perhaps you an enlist their help or at least vote to change things. The two group approach is good, however they may not have two teachers to do this. In any case there could be a way to do solve the issue if they only wanted.

  • Tanja September 3, 2012, 9:22 am

    I know, it is messed up. It’s the government fault. If they did not let so many of them over the borders then the problem would be solved. It is difficult; the Mexicans want a better life (which is understandable) but then we don’t want to pay for it.

    Well, one American mom already complained about the ‘Open house’ day. We didn’t even get to meet the teacher during that day since she was doing her speech in Spanish to the Hispanic audience – can you believe that? So this mom complained that she felt like the schools caters to the Mexican parents and not to the American (English-speaking) parents. Well, they made her feel like a racist (of course), stating that they were sorry ‘she had such a bad time’. What a joke.

    Really there is nothing we can do, just hope that in the first grade the ratio will be a bit more evened out so the class can fell united.

  • Jana V September 3, 2012, 9:42 am

    I believe the best way for those Hispanic students to learn English is to speak English to them all the time. I don’t like the way the schools even here in Texas cater to Hispanic students. If the children are kindergarten age they will quickly learn English, if they speak Spanish at home and at school they will be never learn. If you come to this country you need to learn English if you want to do business, school and just every day interaction especially medical emergencies. I do not lean towards the conservative side of politics but I do believe making English the official language of the US would help.
    I have read that the Czech Republic has a policy of foreigners learning Czech if they want to stay and have permanent residency and to get their citizenship they have to learn Czech.

  • Pavla September 3, 2012, 9:08 pm

    I fully agree with all the comments above. I like the approach the Czech Republic took and I do not understand why our American government did not take the same route. In the near future, it will not be “the United States of America” – it will be “the Divided States of America” if we will have so many minorities who do not want to/cannot speak English or want to integrate. It is truly a shame! I see my kids’ future in a private school…oh well…

  • Jana September 4, 2012, 11:45 am

    Ja Ti tak zavidim ze Ava mluvi a to jeste ke vsemu dvema jazyky!!! Moje 20ti mesicni dvojcata (kluci) tak maximalne rikaji “ball” natoz mluvit cesky. Holky jsou fakt sikovnejsi a uci se lepe. Rikala jsem si ze kluky nejdriv naucim anglicky a pak, mozna az jim budou 3, zacnu s anglictinou. Z tech Mexicanu ve skolce mam teda strach. Nasi jeste do zadne skolky ani “daycare” nechodi, tak ani nevim jake mame u nas “ratio” belochu vs jinych etnickych skupin.

  • Jana September 4, 2012, 11:46 am

    Priminte, preklep. Myslela jsem ze az jim budou 3 tak zacnu s vyukou cestiny.

  • Eva Z September 4, 2012, 12:02 pm

    Jani, na nic necekej a uc je cesky hned. Cim driv tim lip, pak uz nebudou chtit vubec…znam to podle spousty kamaradek. Urcite i Tana Ti rekne to stejne…

  • Jana September 4, 2012, 12:38 pm

    Aha. Ja jsem si myslela ze kdyz ztezi zvladaji zakladni anglicka slova, nepletla bych jim hlavu s ceskymi. Oni napr. rozumi kdyz jim reknu, “go and bring me your blanket” ale ze by to po mne opakovali, to ani nahodou. Rikaji opravdu tak maximalne “cat” a to jeste kdyz vidi psa (LOL), “ball,” “nana” (=banana) a tot vse. Je fakt ze chodili uz v deviti mesicich ale s aktivni reci to neni valne.

  • Eva Z September 4, 2012, 1:08 pm

    Neboj, rozmluvi se! Zvlast dvoujazycne deti zacinaji mluvit pozdeji, ale zato obema jazyky. Kamaradce se stava, ze jeji dite rika nektera slova anglicky a nektera cesky. Treba rekne “Ja chci down”, kdyz chce dolu. Ale to je normalni. Oni si to pak casem urovnaji a budou mluvit na Cechy cesky a na Americany anglicky. Tak jako Taniny holky. Hlavne je uc a nevzdavej to, je to pak moc fajn, kdyz budou umet oboje!

  • Tanja September 4, 2012, 9:03 pm

    Jani, to musis cepovat uz od zacatku. Jestlize ‘zacnes’ od 3 let, tak to bude velmi tezke, temer nemozne. Ted mas jeste cas. Proste se do toho pust, deti se na tebe budou nejdriv par dni koukat jako ze jsi spadla z visne, ty se taky budes citit trapne a blbe, ale to za chvilku prejde. Pak budes cely zivot rada, ze jsi to udelala. Ver mi.

  • Marika (ta druha ) September 4, 2012, 11:36 pm

    I thought you lived in NY Tanya… nice that your kids are bilingual. I spoke four by the time I began first grade. I grew up here and love America but I would home school my kids here, until college.
    I have met many pre school and grade school educators whom I don’t trust my cat let alone my child. Stupid, stupid people. Not to mention kids who grow up in families that neglect their children in the classroom influencing my kid, no way Jose.

  • Marika (ta druha ) September 4, 2012, 11:49 pm

    Pro maminky co chteji bi-tri lingual deti:

    My se narodime s 100% knowledge vsech jazyku, jen jak rosteme se pridame na jeden, dva, nebo tri.
    Jestli male dite vyroste od narozeni s peti lidmi a kazdy mluvi jiny jazyk to dite bude umet vsech pet perfectne. A ja to rikam ze vzkusenostli. Klidne to stridej, michej a mluv cokoliv od narozeni.
    Tak se nauceji vse najednou. Jedte pres leto do Cech a jinak budte zde a budou umet oba jazyky.
    Ja dnes mluvim osm a nemam problem stridat ani doma ani u soudu kdyz prekladam ani ve skole kdyz ucim.. proste no problem. Sny mam v Anglictine,c oz je divny… kdyz drive byly Cesky
    Ale stejne bych sem deti do skol nedala, ne kvuli jinym rasam, ale kvuli kvalite skol a ucitelu
    Vysoka skola je jina vec, ty jsou nejlepsi tady, ale zakladni skoly v zadnem pripade

  • Jana September 5, 2012, 7:59 am

    To: Marika (ta druha)
    Promin, ale nejak nechapu vetu “My se narodime s 100% knowledge vsech jazyku” a pak tu druhou cast “jen jak rosteme se pridame na jeden, dva, nebo tri.” Jako ze se “zamerime” na jeden, dva, nebo tri?
    Co se tyce “homeschooling,” tak jsem o tom taky premyslela. Nase teta v Kanade “homeschooled” vsechny sve 4 dcery a ty se pak bez problemu dostaly na vysoke skoly. Vzdycky jsem ji obdivovala a take se divila jak to dela, ze ji dcery poslouchaji jako pani ucitelku (ze treba “pri hodine” neblbnou ale stoustredi se) a pak “po skole” se zase dokazi vzit zpatky do role dcera-matka a naopak. Shodou okolnosti jsem tuhle nejak narazila na “home study curriculum” pro male deti (tusim pre-K). Bylo to sice udelane pro krestanske rodiny ale ty “non-christian parts” byly dobre (ruzne aktivity doma i v prirode). Ja kdyz si ale predstavim ze bych “homeschool” ty nase darebaky, tak pochybuju ze by to k necemu vedlo. Zatim jsem si v knihovne objednala “The complete resource book for toddlers and twos : over 2000 experiences and ideas!” od Pamely Schiller. Maji to na kdybyste se na to chtely juknout.

  • Veronika September 7, 2012, 7:35 am

    Pretty common situation in South Cali, but I believe it is getting worse with the emigrants from Mexico. We are looking to purchase a new home and the main concern are the school. We are driving around and doing research where are the best schools so we know where to purchase the house, but you still never know what might happen later on. Tanya, where do you live in South Cali? Thank you for an interesting article and hope your school situation will get better.

  • Marika (ta druha) September 12, 2012, 8:23 pm

    Sorry Jano, napsala sem to nejak nepochopitelne. Muj tata veril ( nekde to cetl a ja byla jeho guinnea pig) ze kazdy clovek je narozen – with the ability to speak ALL and ANY language. Tim padem kdyby dite vychovalo 8 lidi a kazdy mluvi jiny jazyk na to dite, tak detatko se nauci mluvit vsechny fluently.Tata mluvil 13 jazyku a na me 4 mi od narozeni. Ja dnes mluvim fluent 5, normalne 8 a ukecam se v 10ti protoze se dva tet ucim. Myslim si ze s tim neprestanu, jen tak, bavi me to a rada se porad ucim neco noveho ale je to pravda s detmi. Hlavni je ze jim ctes v obouch jazycich a ze k nim mluvis v obouch. Deti jsou jako sponges! Prvni 3 roky zivota se tvori jejich povaha, a do peti let do sebe toho velice lehce hodne nasaknou. Pak uz to jde z kopce… hahahaha
    Homeschooling je vyborna idea pro jakou koliv Czech educated Cesku, protoze verte mi ze jste chytrejsi nez americky dacani. Zakladni skola v cechach se neda prirovnat. Ja ji dokoncila v privatni skole v americe a musim uznat ze ty jeptisky byly facticky bezva, ale public school, to bych dite radsi zavrela do skrine. (samozdrejme si delam legraci (( pro ty co to berou vaze a volaji child services…ps: dite nemam, jen ty chlupaty)) ) Verte tomu ze na to mate. Materialy vam poslou postou, pouzivate danny curriculum ale jak rychle to projdete je na vas. Do te doby si poradne nasetrete aby jste mohli hodit deti do vyborne privatni skoly posledni dva roky gymplu a to akorat pred time nez si vyberou vysokou aby se dostali do dobre skoly. Homeschool deti kteri maji chytre rodice vetsinou academicky prospisi, takze sanci dostat se do dobre university budete mit vetsi. No ale ono se to lehce radi ze jo kdyz mam jen kocky ;)))

  • bouncy September 12, 2012, 8:35 pm

    Gratuluju k dvojjazycnemu uspechu. Ja tu zapolim s tema svyma rostakama, starsi (4 roky) sice rozumi, ale nepromluvi ani na svoji ceskou babicku (stydi se? nemuzu na to prijit) a mladsi (1.5 roku) jeste ani nezvatla anglicky (no, krome “ball”). Holcicky jsou asi opravdu jinak “wired”.

    S tou public school tu taky zapasim, ze stejnych duvodu jako ty…65 procent zaku je na wellfare, coz znamena, ze to jsou undocumented children, ktere nemluvi anglicky. Premyslime o soukrome skole nebo homeschooling…nebo se proste odstehovat *sigh*

  • Jana September 13, 2012, 12:02 pm

    To: Marika (ta druha)
    Musela jsem se smat rceni “to bych dite radsi zavrela do skrine.” Je zajimave videt cesky humor. Zatimco by Amici volali socialku, my se tomu jenom smejem’.
    Tatinek byl diplomat?
    Jake jsou ty jazyky kterymi mluvis plynne? Ja kdysi mluvivala plynne nemecky a francouzsky, na gymplu jsem mela latinu, na tabore se domluvila polsky a taky jsme se divali na chalupe na polskou TV; ale ted v US si z tehlech vsech jazyku pamatuju jen francouzstinu. Vubec nevim proc se mi nemcina vyparila z hlavy kdyz jsem s ni mluvila tak dobre a franina ne.

  • Tanja September 13, 2012, 9:34 pm

    @ bouncy: Co jsem tak odposlouchala od kamaradek, tak kluci jsou vzdycky trosku tezsi. Holcicky rady sedi, povidaji si a taky rady a kdyz uz jsou u toho, tak se treba taky nauci cizi jazyk 🙂

    Ale rozhodne to nevzdavej! Urcite mas pravdu s tim, ze se pred babickou stydi. Kdyz by s ni byl trosku dele, tak by se otrkal a mluvit by zacal.

  • Tanja September 13, 2012, 9:34 pm

    @ bouncy: Co jsem tak odposlouchala od kamaradek, tak kluci jsou vzdycky trosku tezsi (co se tyce jazyka). Holcicky rady sedi, povidaji si a taky rady a kdyz uz jsou u toho, tak se treba taky nauci cizi jazyk 🙂

    Ale rozhodne to nevzdavej! Urcite mas pravdu s tim, ze se pred babickou stydi. Kdyz by s ni byl trosku dele, tak by se otrkal a mluvit by zacal.

  • Milena Wood September 14, 2012, 10:59 am

    Ahoj vsichni. Rada bych se take podelila o svou zkusenost. Plne souhlasim s Marikou, ze mozky malych deti jsou jako sponges. Nasaknou do sebe cokoliv se jim predlozi. Ja mam 3-leta dvojcata (holcicku a chlapecka) a musim rict, ze s mluvenim to az do ted taky nebylo valne. Nase situace je nasledujici. Muj manzel, American, pracuje doma a ja dojizdim kazdy den do kancelare. Deti s nim byly 100% doma coz znamena, ze slysely vyhradne anglictinu a cestinu ode mne jenom vecer a o vikendech. Takze jsem se ani nedivila, ze kdyz zacinaly mluvit, byla to anglictina. Vim, ze cesky rozumi, ale mluvit chteli vicemene anglicky. Ja jsem se rozhodla, ze to budu ignorovat a mluvit na ne cesky, protoze doufam, ze jednoho dne se to nejak vsechno vstreba a roztridi a budou mluvit oboje. Takze kdyz spolu mluvime, ja mluvim cesky a oni mi odpovidaji anglicky a naopak. Zajimave je, ze ted v zari zacaly chodit 2x tydne do preschool. Zatim tam byly 5x. Prakticky od prvniho dne jsme si s manzelem vsimly rozdilu v mluveni. Hodne se rozmluvily, pochopitelne v anglictine, ale co je zajimave je, ze najednou zacaly opakovat ceska slova !?, coz pred tim delaly malokdy. Tohle se stalo vcera: moje dcera si chtela hazet micem a rekla “mama catch” a ja odpovedela “ty jsi chces hazet? tak chytej” a pak, kdyz mi ten mic zase chtela hodit tak rekla cesky “chytej”. Muj syn mi rekl “mama, I need help” a ja rekla “ty potrebujes pomoc?” a on rekl “pomoc”. Takze kdo vi, jak to vsechno funguje, urcite neni nejake vyhradne pravidlo, jak by se to melo vyvijet, kazde dite a kazda situace je trochu jina. Ale rozhodne se pripojuji k rade, mluvit na ne obema jazyky at se deje co se deje a vystavit je cestine co nejvic to jde. Ono se to drive nebo pozdeji v tech jejich hlavickach vsechno srovna.

  • Tanja September 15, 2012, 9:19 am

    Ahoj Mileno, to je teda uspech! To jsou sikulky!! Jen tak dal. Jen jim nezapominej poustet ceske detske filmy (hodne jich je na YouTube), ceske pisnicky (hlavne v aute) atd. To strasne pomuze.

  • Marika September 30, 2012, 11:11 pm

    Ahoj Jano,
    Taky mi Nemcina utika. Francouztinu nikdy nezapomenu, miluju ten jazyk az moc. Francouzi se me i ptaji jestli jsem z Parize takze bezva accent i kdyz jsem se to naucila v Montrealu. Ha! A ten accent je hroznej, ver mi. Prvni den v dormech jsem slysela roomates ‘Ca vo’ Ca vo’? Cely den jsem mysela ze chteji mydlo. Hahaha. Sorry, necetla jsem tvou odpoved, dlouho jsem tu nebyla. Mam hrozny Cesky spelling co se tyce sklonovani. Vzdy me Cestina sla ve skole, ale ja prisla do US jako dite takze psani a cteni slo bye bye. Mluvim plynne, samo sebou, a pak dalsich pet jazyku plynne a tez se ukecam s dalsimi peti, takze konverzaci muzu mit v deseti. Ucim se dal. Tet zrovna jsem zacala Farsi pred dvoumi lety a docela to jde, to uz bude ten desaty. Pak nevim, mozna Dannish by bylo cool znat, anebo Turecky. Cinsky jsem zacala, a za dva tydny jsem se na to vykaslala. Na to nemam nervy. To je jazyk ve kterem matka a koza zni stejne. No thank you. Ani Japonstina nebyla tak tezka jako Cinstina, i Korejsky nemam problem. Co to je jazyk fakticky nikdy nepochopim. Jak rozumeji tem malym detem???? ! :O
    Ne tata nebyl diplomat, byt detsky lekar. Mluvil trinact protoze byl chytry, a jako ja se rad neco noveho ucil. Delal si ze me od malicka guinnea pig. Zajimalo ho zlepseni IQ a zacal se mnou se sachy, a latinou uz ve ctyrech. To jsem uz davno umela cist i psat. On byl hodne doma, protoze se akorat ucil na zkousky, tak ja byla ta krysycka Frankensteinka. Tata si rekl co kdybych s dceruskou nikdy nemluvil jako s ditem a povidal si s ni absolutne o vsem od trech let. Vysvetlim ji vsechno jako kdyby byla v gymplu. Hahahaha. V prvni tride se pak pani ucitelka nastvala, protoze rekla detem at do notysku pisou stranku hulek, aby naucili psat a ja si zatim zacala psat dennik. Zni to jako ze jsem mela bezva ucitele doma, ale jeho zaujem s IQ byl funny in a not so funny way. Napriklad mi rekl ze dostat jednicky je lehke. To muze kdokoliv i papousek. Ale jednickari se v zivote ztrati. Snazit se dostat dvojky znamena ze clovek chape co se uci a umi premyslet…. Predstav si s tim zit cely zivot, a snazit se nebyt zas tak dobra lol I kdyz, na jedny strane me to naucilo byt silnejsi kdyz mi neco nevyjde. Nikdy jsem z petky nezoufala. Napriklad na gymplu me bylo uplne na nic z jedny ucitelky ktera ucila Chaucera a opravdu o tom chlapovi absolutne nic nevedela. Proste tupa zenska ktere byl svet cernobily. Spat jsem ve tride nemohla, tak jsem tam ani nesla, a hrala jsem radsi sachy v kavarne. Dala mi ctyrku, protoze testy jsem si vzdycky vzala a tu knihu jsem cetla dvanact let pred tridou, a bylo mi to stejne jedno. Nevim jestli meho otce styl vychovavani byl dobry nebo ne, ale me to vyhovuje, protoze si verim. Je to zajimavy ze ja jsem se rozhodla deti nemit. Ze mi to ani nevadi. Pri tom jsem s detmi rada a oni maji radi. Nevim jaky rodic bych byla a i kdyz je na to million knih, na konec kazdy vychovava deti tak jak byl vychovany. V hlave si lidi rikaji ze to delaji lepe nez rodice, ale kazdy je uz ve trech letech vychovany a ta mentalita zmenit lechce nejde. Podivejte se nekdy na zajimavy film jmenem What the Bleep Do We Know? Je to zajimavy film o ‘mind rewiring’ a jak tezke je to zmenit personna kdyz uz se jednou vytvori. Ten Brad Pittovy film Tree of Life je taky zajimavy, a lehce se tyce stejneho tema. A az se vam z toho vseho zacne motat hlava, strcte do VCR krtecka 😉

  • Jana October 1, 2012, 6:29 am

    To: Marika
    Fiiiha, to je teda sila, s tak chytrym clovekem jako jsi Ty nebo Tvuj tata jsem se osobne nikdy nesetkala. To mas teda hrozny stesti na rodice. Tatinek ma bezva smysl pro humor (i papousek muze byt jednickar). Zajimalo by me jestli mas nejakou super praci (delas pro vladu, nebo na ambasade atp.) diky tomu ze ovladas tolik jazyku.
    O filmu What the Bleep… vim, mela jsem ho i ve svem Netflix queue, ale zatim jsem ho nezhledla…
    Na Krtka moji kluci koukaji uplne nejradsi zrejme proto ze to ma jednoduchy pribeh, hezke barvy a milou hudbu. Tuhle jsem s nima shledla jeden dil americke show Yo Gabba Gabba a byl to tak ohlusujici, nesmyslny chaos ze jsme to asi po desetiminutovem cekani na to zda-li se to zlepsi prepli. Z tech americkych TV show pro male deti co jsem doposud zhledla se mi dela mdlo; Ty budes asi jineho nazoru kdyz jsi s nimi vyrustala, na druhou stranu bych rekla ze Te na takovy nesmysly tatinek asi urcite nenechal divat. Nemohla by ses zeptat co s Tebou delali do tech tri let? Jake hry s Tebou hrali nebo co Ti cetli atp.?
    Nasi kluci zatim na cteni bohuzel vubec nejsou; vsude clovek slysi “ctete svym malym detem (jakoze miminum, rocnim, dvouletym atd.) a tim si knihy zamiluji”, ale nasi 20ti mesicni na to vubec nemaji trpelivost. Ja jim zacnu neco cist a oni uz hrr na nejakou jinou hracku, nebo jim v knizce ukazuju veci jako “hele, tohle je pes, kocka atd.), ale oni maji hrozne kratke soustredeni. Proste neda se jim precist treba cela pohadka.
    P.S. Taky me rozesmalo “Ca vo?” a mydlo… :-)))

  • Marika October 2, 2012, 10:02 pm

    Pro vladu? Neee. I hate politics. Prekladam pro soud, mimo pisemneho prekladu a ucila jsem Anglictinu.
    Jestli to delas pro Cestinu, to jim spise poustej Spejbla a Hurvinka nebo Maxe a Sebestovou. Ukazuji situace ze zivota a mluvi monhem vice nez Krtecek. Hahahaha. Me se docela libi teletubies ale ty jsou pro ty uplne nejmensi a Sesame street je bezva pro deti, ne? Ale jo, tata me nechal koukat na vsechno. To byl mozna taky problem. Jeden dil 30ti pripadu Majora Zemana me vydesil asi na tyden (vis kdyz tam vysi se sekyrou) hahaha. Ja mela vzdy nejradsi sci fi. Moje detstvi slo z Majky z Gurunu na Brady Bunch a Cosby Show. Ale jinak jsme vzdy koukala na hodne documentaries a science fiction. Nerekla bych ze jsem nejak moc chytra. Taky nekdy tlacim dvere, kdyz tam pisou pull (jako nas stary president Bush, bless his heart, lol) Jestli tve deti maji kratke soustredi, tak tim padem muzu hadat ze se narodili tady a dostali vaccinations, vid? Potrebujes krabicku Demerc. O tomhle pise Chuck Bluestein. Ve vaccinations je tolik mercury ze deti ktery se narodi uplne normalni, chytry a zdravi, ukazou znaky autismu, i kdyz autisticky nejsou. Kamoska taky mela dite with the attention span of a fruit fly, a dala ho na detox a chova se uplne normalka, cte si i sam pro sebe.

    Musim sem pridat, nevim jestli to uz nekdo rekl, ale Tanyo ty mas tak hezke holcicky. Ta starsi je jako kdyby ti z oka vypadla!

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