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Black Friday on steroids / Cerny patek na steroidech, so I have never seen America being so smitten by anything like this! Everyone talks about it, you hear it and see it everywhere! It’s blue and it’s cold. Do you know what am I talking about? Because if you don’t, you have been living under a rock!

Yes, yes, it is the movie Frozen:).

In a few days it will be Hahna’s 7th birthday and, of course, she wants her party to be Frozen style. I wanted to buy her Frozen Elsa Barbie….but it is sold out everywhere…at the store, on-line, in Space…simply sold out.

I went to Party City to get some Frozen themed party supplies and the particular aisle was just a single hair from being completely bare. When I was leaving through the entrance door (quite ticked off, actually), this lady bumped into me, not seeing anyone in front of her because – guess what? She was holding a huge balloon of Elsa – probably the last one!

As if that was not enough, on my way to the car I could not overhear a 3 year old girl singing one of the Frozen theme songs called ‘Do you want to build a snowman’ to her mom and when the girl got stuck with some more difficult parts of the song her mom filled them in with such ease, like it was the mother’s wedding song or something.

Even my doctor told me that his 21 year old daughter looo000ves the movie and keeps analyzing the characters!

What is going on? I like the movie a lot but I would never expect this kind of craziness. Did the story line hit a secret gold mine? Like the endless love between the sisters? Or the evil prince?? That does not sound like such an original idea to me…

The fact that the store aisles are empty of anything remotely resembling this movie makes me think that somebody in the Disney business really screwed up and did not order enough Elsas from China. Or – my husband’s theory – this ‘empty-aisle-syndrome’ is all part of Disney’s evil plan to make the perception that the supply is low, which will in turn rise the demand (and it did). What do you think?

Meanwhile, I am left with cutting out some snowflakes out of a blue paper. I will also crank up the AC on the day of the party, hoping, it will create a mild sense of frosty weather. Oh, or we could also rent out the COSCO walk-in freezer. That would be probably the best.

CZ: Nevim, jestli v Cechach je detsky kresleny serial Frozen, take tak popularni, ale tady v Americe jsem jeste neco takoveho nezazila. Nejen ze jsou vsechny obchody vyprodane, ale lide (nejen deti!) si tu prozpevuji jeho melodie na kazdem kroku!

Hanicce ted bude brzy 7 let a preje si Frozen party. Mno, myslim, ze vystrihane vlocky z modreho papiru a klimatizace na plno to jisti ;).

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