Where would Coldplay be without her? / Co by si bez ni Coldplay pocli?Where would Coldplay be without her? | Czechmatediary
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Where would Coldplay be without her? / Co by si bez ni Coldplay pocli?

Coldplay ghost stories album cover/ google.comI am sure most of you have seen the latest album cover of the legendary band Coldplay. It’s those magical wings in the midst of a dark, blue ocean…remember? I think Starbucks was advertising the CD at the register for a long time.

Anywhoo, guess who the artist was? A tallented, young, Czech artist named Mila Furstova. She has been living in London since the mid 90’s, living off of her paintings (one of them owns even the English Queen!). And guess how she got to England? She was an Au-pair there for 2 months (like many of us), then she fell in love with and Englishman and……read the rest of the story here (http://www.radio.cz/en/section/one-on-one/inspiration-worked-both-ways-says-artist-mila-fuerstova-of-close-collaboration-with-coldplay).

CZ: Velke vitezstvi pro Ceske umelce! Jeden z nich – tedy jedna z nich – totiz vytvorila obal nove desky legendarni skupiny Coldplay. Jmenuje se Mila Furstova a ac puvodne pochazi z Pribramy, zije v Anglii jiz od poloviny 90. letch. Zbytek jejiho dobrodruzneho zivota se muzete dozvedet zde (http://www.radio.cz/en/section/one-on-one/inspiration-worked-both-ways-says-artist-mila-fuerstova-of-close-collaboration-with-coldplay).

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