The Czech olympic team is huge this year/ Cesky Olympijsky tym je tento rok obrovskyThe Czech olympic team is huge this year | Czechmatediary
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The Czech olympic team is huge this year/ Cesky Olympijsky tym je tento rok obrovsky

Olympic games 2010 imageThe 2010 Olympic Games start next week in Vancover. How is the Czech Republic going to do this time? Four years ago the Czechs won 4 medals: gold for cross country skier Katerina Neumannova, silver for cross country skier Lukas Bauer, and bronze for men’s ice hockey team. athleets

This year the Czech Republic Olympic team is bigger than ever, mounting to the total of 93 members! The Czech Olympic committee says that even athletes who have little chance of succeeding should be allowed to take part, budget permitting. “”For the Summer Olympic Games in Athens we took with us a very young athlete, a javelin thrower called Barbora Špotáková. She was in seventh or eighth place there [actually she finished 23rd]…It was her first Olympic Games. In her second Olympic Games in Beijing she was Olympic champion. And we think if she hadn’t taken part in Athens, she couldn’t have made it in Beijing, to win gold at her first Olympics….So we don’t take everyone, but we take those who we feel have achieved a very good effort, very good results. And we wish the best for them.”

CZ: Olympijske hry 2010 zacinaji ve Vancoveru jiz pristi tyden, presneji 12. unora. Jak myslite, ze si povede Ceska republika? Pred ctyrmi lety jsme vyhrali 4 medaile: zlatou medaily vyhrala bezkarka Katerian Neumannova, stribro vyhral bezkar Lukas Bauer a bronzovou medaily dostali nasi hokejiste.

Dnes ma cesky Olympijsky tym nejvice clenu v historii ceskych Olympijskych her – dohromady 93 atletu! Olympijska komise ma totiz za to, ze i ti sportovci, kteri nevypadaji tak nadejne by meli dostat sanci se Olympijskych her zucastnit, dovoli-li to financni rozpocet. “Na Olympiadu v Atenach jsme napriklad priprali velmi mladou atletku Barboru Sptakovou. Dostala sedme nebo osme misto a to byly jeji prvni Olympicke hry. Podruhe se zucastnila Olympijskych her v Beijingu a stal se z ni sampion. My si myslime, ze kdyby s nami tentokrat do Aten nejela, nikdy by v Beijingu zlatou medaily nevyhrala….Takze my nebereme kazdeho, jenom ty sportovce, kteri jsou snazivi a dosahli v minulosti velmi dobre vysledky. Prejeme jim, aby se na ne tento rok usmalo stesti.”


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  • Vlastimil February 13, 2010, 7:34 am

    Opening ceremony was great. When the Czechs were scheduled to walk with the flag, they interrupted it for a commercial break…when Slovaks were supposed to walk around, the show had been interrupted for a commercial break…

  • Tanja February 13, 2010, 10:53 am

    Haha..that’s classic!

  • Jana February 16, 2010, 1:46 pm

    Tak nam alespon urputne zvykajici vlajkonos Jagr nezkazil “image.”

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