Why not study Czech in Brno? / Proc nestudovat cestinu v Brne? - CzechmatediaryWhy not study Czech in Brno? / Proc nestudovat cestinu v Brne? - Czechmatediary
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Why not study Czech in Brno? / Proc nestudovat cestinu v Brne?

http://www.studyin.cz/Many of you, non-Czech speakers, have been asking me if I know of any good way to learn Czech. And I would always tell you that the best way to learn is to go to the Czech Republic and stay there for some time. And of course, the fastest way to learn is to go to a language school there on top of undertaking the long trip.

I was contacted by a lady named Jana who is in charge of a Czech language school in Brno, called  Study Czech and it looks very good to me. They have either 2 month-long courses, or if you cannot hang out there for that long, you can just do the 2-week intensive crash course. All of the teachers have many years of experience up their sleeve so even the least language-gifted person can learn :). What I liked the most about the program is that they have a personal interview with every student to find out not only what language level he needs to be put in but also what kind of study type he/she is in order to find out what teaching style will fit him the best.

Another invention this school came up with is to have the 1 teacher/2 students lesson in which both students are carefully selected so that their personality types fit. The lessons become more motivating since they will both enjoy to converse in Czech with each other, do their homework together and simply do better overall.

Check it out, it’s in Brno, the second biggest city in the Czech Republic. It is  surrounded by beautiful forests from three sides so don’t forget to bring your hiking shoes!



A disclaimer:  Although this is a sponsored post it is still something I am a firm believer of.

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