Old pictures of Prague….Ubelievable!/ Fotky stare Prahy….Neuveritelne!Old pictures of Prague....Ubelievable! | Czechmatediary
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Old pictures of Prague….Ubelievable!/ Fotky stare Prahy….Neuveritelne!

Enjoy some vintage pictures of Praha! The following link shows some incredible pictures of old Prague, starting with a shot of Charles Bridge in the year 1900. Most images are from 1937 and 1947 but one goes all the way to 1890!

After viewing all of these wonderful images I see that the center of Prague has really not changed much at all. And that is a very good thing!

CZ: Prohlednete si krasne fotky stare Prahy! Vetsina fotek pochazi z roku 1937 a 1947, ale jedna je jiz z roku 1890!! Neuveritelne…

Je uklidnujici, ze centrum Prahy se od te doby nastesti moc nezmenilo.

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