Czechs are the world champions in hockey! / Cesi jsou mistri sveta v hokeji!Czechs are the world champions in hockey! | Czechmatediary
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Czechs are the world champions in hockey! / Cesi jsou mistri sveta v hokeji!

Czech hockey champions 2010 / imageAfter an unnerving match this afternoon the Czechs beat the Russians 2-1. It truly is amazing since many of the key members of the Czech team live abroad and play professionally with other teams (i.e. Jaromir Jagr currently plays for Avangard Omsk in the Kontinental Hockey League) and have a very little time to practice together as a team.

As my dad said it would be  pure luck if they beat the all-powerful Russian team and it looks like they got very lucky!!! But I am sure the team’s amazing talent played a role as well ;0)

So to summon it up, the Czechs are the kings, Russians took a 2nd place, Sweden is 3rd and Germany 4th.

CONGRATS to our MASTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CZ: Cesi jsou po peti letech opet mistri sveta v hokeji! Dnes odpoledne totiz porazili ‘nezdolatelne’ Rusko v Koline nad Rynem 2:1. Mnoho lidi cesky tym podcenovalo, protoze sestava z mnoha novacku a hokejove hvezdy jako je Jaromir Jagr hraji vetsinu roku se zahranicnimi tymy, takze moc casu na trenovani cesky tym  jako celek moc nemel. Ale jak se ukazalo, i pres vsechny prekazky, Cesi opet zdolali cely hokejovy svet, a jsou mistri sveta.

Ve shrunuti, Cesi jsou jednicky, Rusko je na miste druhem, Svedi na tretim, a Nemecko na ctvrtem miste.

Gratulujeme nasemu neporazitelnemu tymu!!!!

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  • Petra May 24, 2010, 2:19 am

    Tano, USA se zucastnily, ale hned na zacatku vypadly.
    Ja jsem ted v Cechach u nasich, tak jsme vcera koukali na zapas. Bylo to dost krute. Tim, ze jsme dali v prvnich 20 vterinach hned gol tak byli Rusove pekne nastvani a dost se to tam mlatilo.

  • Jana May 24, 2010, 8:16 am

    Je, tak to je super! Hrali tam proti tomu Oveckinovi jak byl na Olympijskych hrach a snazil se tam poranit Jagra?

  • Tanja May 24, 2010, 10:17 am

    AHa, takze trapas…diky Sarko, hned to smazu, aby se mi lidi nesmali!!!!
    Diky holky za updates, priznavam se, ze ted ten hokej moc nesleduju. Ale jinak by jsi mozna Petro mohla popsat situaci v Cechach? Ja jsi pamatuju, kdyz jsme vyhrali v 1998 (1997?) tak byla Praha naprosto vzhuru nohama!

  • Petra May 24, 2010, 12:11 pm

    Stovky lidi cekaly dneska na letisti a cestou na Staromak, a tam jich byly tisice.
    Vcera hned po zapase s nimi Klaus pil sampus z poharu.
    Ja normalne hokej vubec nesleduju, ale je to super divat se na neco takoveho primo z Cech. Musim porad myslet na hlasku z filmu Slavnosti Snezenek: “To zas bude v alejích nablito!”

  • Karen May 24, 2010, 2:39 pm

    Tanya, I watched this match in a beer garden in Zizkov with about 1,000 Czechs. It was so fun! The crowd was so happy when they won. The energy there was amazing – especially when this Russian score was disallowed. The whole way home on the Metro, Czechs chanted “thank you boys.” I asked someone to translate and it seemed so sweet. Americans can be a bit boorish with this “we’re no. #1 chant.

    Today I saw the hockey buses pull in to Prague from wherever they were in Germany and there was a whole caravan of cars behind them honking, yelling, waving flags, just feeling pure joy. It was fun to share your happiness!

  • Eva May 24, 2010, 6:29 pm

    I watched the game yesterday and it was terrific.
    They really celebrated and I wish I was there!

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