Planning a trip to Czech? Pack a shovel! /Chystate se do Cech? Nezapomente si zabalit lopatu!Planning a trip to Czech? Pack a shovel! | Czechmatediary
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Planning a trip to Czech? Pack a shovel! /Chystate se do Cech? Nezapomente si zabalit lopatu!

lot of snow google imageSince we have been talking about the world records I have got another one for you. On Friday the Lysa mountain in the Czech Republic got about 1 meter (3.3 ft) of new snow which has been the biggest amount for the month of October since 1897! Of course, that number is far away from the all-winter record, which is dated from 1911. On March 8th of that year the same mountain received close to 5 meters of fresh snow!! Orlicke mountains have scored this year as well. Their peaks are covered with about 1 meter of snow which is an amount that none of the mountain locals can remember happening in their lifetime. The least amount of snow is currently in Sumava mountains (only 10 cm) but more snow is being expected to fall in the next few days.

The snow storms unfortunately destroyed many trees and people are advised not to go into the woods as many trees heavy with snow may be falling left and right.

CZ: Kdyz se takhle ted bavime o tech rekordech, mam pro vas dalsi. V patek obdrzela Lysa hora metr snehu, coz je pro mesic rijen nejvetsi mnozstvi od roku 1897! To se samozrejme ale neda srovnat s celozimnim rekordem z roku 1911 (8. brezna), kdy ta sama hora obdrzela skoro 5 metru cerstveho snehu. Stity Orlickych hor jsou pokryte 90 centimetry snehu, coz mistni horale nepamatuji. Nejmene snehu je na Sumave, ale to se ma za par dni take zmenit.

Snih pry poskodil minimalne desitky tisic metru krychlovych drivi. Hrozi take pady stromu a proto by lide ted nemeli moc brouzdat po borech ceskych..


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