Czech teenagers shown to be the worst druggies / Ceska mladez uziva nejvice drogCzech students have the biggest problems with drugs | Czechmatediary
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Czech teenagers shown to be the worst druggies / Ceska mladez uziva nejvice drog

smoking teenager flickr imageThe European statistical agency ESPAD 2007 has recently released some sad data: compared to the other European countries, the Czech teenagers are the most experienced as far as drugs go. About a half of the Czech 16-year-olds who participated in the study (total of 3,914 teenagers) have used an illegal drug in their life, mostly marijuana or hashish. Every 11th student has tried a hard drug such as cocaine or speed. Drug abuse has improved within the last 10 years in all of the 26 participating European countries except in Czech and Slovakia. What is even more unnerving is that ever since 1995 the amount of drug usage in these 2 countries has actually doubled. The ‘good’ news is that since 1999 our kids do not use as many of the hardcore drugs (heroin,pervitin..) as they did in the past and ever since 2003 even the ‘dancing drug’, ecstasy, has decreased in popularity almost in one half.

The ESPAD project has interviewed more than 100,000 students from all over Europe (26 countries). Overall, the study reveals that on average  23% of all of the boys have tried an illegal drug in their life, while only 17% of all of the participating girls have followed their foot steps. The Czech Republic ‘won’ the study, where 46% (!!) of students have experiences with illegal drugs.

As far as legal drugs go, the number of students who smoke on daily basis is the highest in Czech, Estonia, Lithuania and Slovakia (around 13%). The Czech Republic also belongs to the group of countries where the alcohol consumption is on a steady rise.

(Now, I need a drink….)

CZ: Ze skolni studie ESPAD 2007 vyplynulo, ze mladi Cesi maji nevetsi zkusenosti s drogami v cele Evrope. Nelegalni drogu vyzkouselo kolem poloviny vsech tazanych 16-ti letych teenageru (celkem 3914 ceskych zaku) a to zejmena marihuanu a hasis. Tvrdsi drogy zkusil podle vyzkumu kazdy jedenacty skolak. Uzivani drog se za poslednich 10 let vylepsilo v cele Evrope,  bohuzel ale krome Cech a Slovenska. Podle ESPADu se prave v techto dvou statech od roku 1995 uzivani drog az zdvojnasobilo. ‘Dobra’ zprava ale je, ze od roku 1999 uzivani tvrdych drog (heroin nebo pervitin) v Cechach neustale klesa a od roku 2003 uzivani tanecni drogy extaze pokleslo skoro o polovinu.

Projekt ESPAD se otazal vice nez 100.000 studentu z cele Evropy v 26-ti evropskych zemi. Z vyzkumu vypliva, ze v zivote jakoukoli nelegalni drogu zkusilo v prumeru 23% chlapcu a 17% divek. Ceska Republika anketu ‘vyhrala’, kde 46% studentu zkusenosti s drogama ma.

Co se tyce legalnich drog,denne pry kouri nejvice studentu v Cesku, Estonsku, Lotyssku a na Slovensku (kolem 13% dotazanych skolaku). Cesko take patri mezi zeme, kde lze videt rostouci trend nadmerneho piti.

(Po techto zdrcujicich zpravach si snad ja dam nejakou tu sklenicku…)

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  • Tanja March 30, 2009, 10:24 pm

    I just can’t believe that the Czech teenagers are bigger drug addicts than the Italian kids, for example. I remember when we used to vacation in Italy, those young Italians were bad…I mean, c’mon, they drink wine instead of water!!!

  • Ilča March 31, 2009, 9:47 am


  • Tanja March 31, 2009, 4:14 pm

    no, to teda 😉

  • Jamie April 12, 2009, 5:26 am

    This is the result of so many Czechs being raised with no self-respect.
    I would like to see someone do a Europe-wide survey of females 14 to 28 years old to determine which country has the most girls who have engaged in prostitution. I’ll bet the Czech Republic would win on that one too. In the spa towns an appalling number of high school girls and young women decide they can ply that profession “just for a little while” or “just from time to time”. In the high school where I taught, one girl who freely admitted to being a prostitute did not have any problems from the administration, but they looked for any reason they could to expel a girl who was merely “drzá” (insolent).
    And the drug numbers are most surely related to the prostitution numbers.
    Again, it’s a matter of the girls being raised with no self-respect.

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