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Sounds of prague / Zvuky Prahy

Have you ever thought of what would Prague sound like if it were  expressed through music? You will be soon able to buy a CD of those sounds. A British artist Peter Cusack – the master of “soundscapes” from all over the world – is taking on Prague as his new project. How does it work? First, questionnaires are randomly spread through people to get some kind of an information about their background noises. Then the artists go on so-called “sound-walks”, listening to different sounds – looking at Prague from the “sonic point of view”. After conquering many of these sound-walks, Peter Cusack knows now what specific sounds are unique to Prague: the air-raid sirens, going off every month (!!) and train sounds. He also observed that there are many natural sounds – much more than in cities like London. And what kind of sound-walks would this sound guru recommend to the visitors of Prague?

  • walks in the outskirts of Prague like  Prosek, Dablice, Troja and Lysolaje
  • the center of Prague
  • sound of Prague churches

CZ: Premysleli jste nekdy o tom, jak by znela Praha na CDcku? Tedy kdyby se toto mesto melo vyjadrit skrze zvuk? Brzy si toto album budete moci koupit! Britsky umelec Peter Cusack – mistr “saundskejpu” z celeho sveta – se totiz pousti do Prahy. Jak takovy project vubec vypada? Nejdrive nahodni Prazane vyplni dotazniky o jejich zivotnim prostedi, a ktere zvuky zazivaji prave oni. Pote se tito umelci vydaji na tzv. “zvukove prochazky”, kde s natazenymi uchy poslouchaji, co se kde sustne. Po dlouhych prochazkach jiz Cusack vi, jake zvuky jsou Praze nejvice charakteristicke: sireny varujici pred nalety (ty cvicebne slysime kazdy mesic) a zvuky vlaku/tramvaji. Praha ma take mnoho prirodnich zvuku, mnohem vice nez pry mesta jako je Londyn. A jake zvukove prochazky by Cusack doporucil praskym turistum?

  • prochazky Prosekem, Dablicemi, Trojou a Lysolajemi
  • cetrum Prahy
  • kostely


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  • Karen September 9, 2008, 5:49 am

    What a neat idea. This reminds me of the movie “Mind the Gap.” P.S. Love your blog!

  • Tanja September 9, 2008, 3:59 pm

    Hi Karen,

    I checked out your blog and I cannot believe you are making such a bold move: moving to Prague to teach!!! Congrats!!

  • Karen September 11, 2008, 8:51 pm

    Thanks Tanja!

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