How do you watch Czech DVDs in the US? / Jak se divat na ceske filmy v Americe? - CzechmatediaryHow do you watch Czech DVDs in the US? / Jak se divat na ceske filmy v Americe? - Czechmatediary
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How do you watch Czech DVDs in the US? / Jak se divat na ceske filmy v Americe?

I don’t know about you but I love to watch Czech movies. Up until recently I thought it was impossible to watch them here in the US; I thought they had to be converted from the European system to the US system first. Well, now I don’t think that anymore and I want to share this exciting news with you! We found a DVD player that actually plays Czech (European) movies as well as the American ones!

For those who are still crying themselves to sleep because they miss watching Popelka or Vrchni, prchni! here is the answer: Buy the   Philips DVD player DVP642 (click here), unlock the code region via these simple directions found here (click here)  and…ENJOY THE MOVIE!

PS: You can get it on Amazon as low as $32 which is SO reasonable!


CZ: Vite, ze se muzete divat na ceske filmy v Americe, aniz byste je museli konvertovat z evropskeho pasma na pasmo americke? Pred nedavnem jsme z manzelem nasli DVD prehravac, ktery hraje oboje: jak americke DVDcka tak ceske (Evropske)! Jsem z naseho prehravace velmi nadsena, tak se s tim mym nadseni chci podelit s vami. Prehravac stoji na Amazon pouhych $32 a jmenuje se Philips DVD player DVP642 (kliknete zde), (zde take najdete jednoduche instrukce, jak na tomto prehravaci odemknout tzv. regionalni kod)!

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  • Tom September 11, 2008, 11:13 am

    Jednoduche, bud mate prehravac, ktery hraje PAL i NTSC, na trhu je jich spousta, ale pozor. Nektere neprehraji region 2. Lze koupit levne prehravace, ktere lze odkodovat, pokud nechcete odkodovavat sami, lze koupit multiregionalni prehravac, napr. na
    Vetsina levnych dvd neni upravena do regionu 2, jsou jen v PAL a daji se prehrat na ruznych pal/ntsc prehravacich. Staci jit do obchodu a informovat se, nebo proste prehravac koupit a zkusit…

  • Petra September 14, 2008, 9:26 am

    Tanja, I also have many DVDs burned and those generally play in my player. Or I also play them on my laptop.

  • Tomino May 28, 2010, 1:23 am

    if you are interested in Czech films, you can get some inspiration on

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