Slovak engineer takes on the needle / Slovensky inzenyr se chopi jehly - CzechmatediarySlovak engineer takes on the needle / Slovensky inzenyr se chopi jehly - Czechmatediary
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Slovak engineer takes on the needle / Slovensky inzenyr se chopi jehly

Last Supper embroidery / imageDaniela Lazarova from Radio Prague always digs out such interesting stuff. This time her article targeted the Museum of Records and Curiosities in Pelhrimov. We already know about fakir Petr who was planning on overcoming his past record at the museum by laying on hundreds of glass shards for 72 hours. This time the museum is exhibiting a 2  by 1,35 meters tapestry made by an amateur! This late-bloomer is a 46-year-old machine engineer from Slovakia who was unable to work for 4 years because of a work accident. Bored out of his mind, he kept watching ‘dumb’ TV channels until he came across a tapestry maker and decided to try it. He tried making Czech castles and various caricatures from the daily newspaper and then went on doing – now his life achievement – the Last Supper. This tapestry has over a million stitches and took him more than 9 years to finish. During those 9 years he went back to work but spared every free minute stitching away. On weekdays he would spend about 3 hours at this embroidery and during weekends he worked for about 9 hours a day on it (wow!!). You know what else? In order for him to work more efficiently, he learned how to embroider with both hands so that when one hand got tired he switched over to the other hand! It seems like this guy lost the sense of time and space during those 9 years. I feel bad for the forgotten family members but I got to say – what a beautiful piece of art!

CZ: Daniela Lazarova z Radia Prahy najde vzdycky ty nejstavnatejsi zpravy z ceskeho deni. Tentokrat se zamerila na Pelhrimovske museum kuriozit, kde se take pred nedavnem fakir Petr  snazil prekrocit svuj posledni fakirsky rekord (lezel tam na strepech cele 3 dny!). Tentokrat se museum vychlubuje 2-krat 1,35 metru velikou tapiserii vytvorenou jednim slovenskym amaterem. To vite, neco takoveho se stane, kdyz poslete zraneneho inzenyra na cas domu, aby se po nehode zrekonvalescentoval. Sedi doma, nudi se a kouka se na televizi. Zanedlouho ale v bedne najde neco, co ho zaujme a zacne inzenyrovat a stavet….Nasel totiz televizni program o vysivani tapiserii a hned se mu to zalibilo. Nejdriv se procvicoval na ceskych hradech a ruznych karikaturach, co nasel v novinach. Pak presel na neco ‘vetsiho’ –  na jiz drive zmineny nastenny koberec znazornujici Kristovu Posledni Veceri. Tato maxi vysivka ma pres milion stehu a panu inzenyrovi trvalo 9 let ji dokoncit. Mezitim zase samozrejme zacil chodit do prace, ale vysival o volnem case, kdy se jen dalo. Behem tydne na vysivce pracoval kolem 3 hodin denne a o vykendu az 9 hodin denne (!!). A vite co jeste? Aby byl ve sve praci co nejefektivnejsi, naucil se vysivat obema rukama! To znamena, ze kdyz se jeho vysivaci ruka unavila, prehodil si jehlu do ruky druhe a zase se jelo…Trosku je mi lito jeho rodiny, ktera si ho behem tech 9 let asi moc neuzila, ale jinak to opravdu stalo za to – je to krasne umelecke dilo!

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  • Raffy December 19, 2009, 12:51 am

    This work must be interesting…though when I see works close-up, I see more of the work.

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