imageI love the magazine section on The writers pick the quirkiest things! Like this time they found this poll that talks about expectations on a first date (which kind of goes along with my recent post called “How to be Czech and date Czech”). Are Czechs different  from other nations when it comes to a first date? What do you think?

Here are the results of the poll:

CZ: Magazin Radia Prahy zase jednou vycmuchal neco velmi zajimaveho: anketu o tom, co Cesi ocekavaji na prvnim rande!! Hodne vecem jsem se ze srdce zasmala…

Should the invitation on a first date come from the man?

70% of women agree

60% of men agree


What should the ideal place for first date be?

51% of women AND men  agree on coffee house or restaurant followed by a walk

(most Americans would have a problem with that walk ;)) [click to continue…]

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Home Sweet Home appartmentsI always think about when our whole family goes back to Czech (4 people) – where will we stay? My mom’s and my dad’s place is too small so we would have to rent out a flat. I looked around and found a very reasonable priced agency called Home Sweet Home, which offers not only apartments all over the Czech Republic but also cottages for rent :)). [click to continue…]

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homolkovi / imageIf you have enjoyed some of the other stories on the Czech nature you for sure have to read this article, written by Ricky Yates – An Anglican in Prague. In 10 simple points he tells you how to become Czech (click here for the article)!

What do you think? Did get it pretty much all? Did he miss some points?

Also, if you are if you are not Czech and dating a Czech guy, you will probably like this article on (click here). Again, in 10 simple steps, the author will tel you how to keep him.

See? In 20 simple steps, you get to become Czech AND you can successfully date a Czech guy!! Now that’s a successful life!

CZ: Necitite se dostatecne cesky? Zde je tahak na to, jak se stat opravdovym Cechem (napsane Anglicanem). Jste cizinka (co umi cist cesky) a chodite s ceskym bojarem? Dozvedte se, jak se s nim brzy nerozejit zde.

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Have you seen that latest news on the possible cure of pancreatic cancer? Supposedly something simple as a common cold virus is killing those cancer cells like nobody’s business.

What is interesting is that one of those important patiens that the vaccine is being tried on is named Jan Urbanick. Doesn’t that sound familiar? Maybe a Czech or Slovak name?

When you watch the Fox video on it you come to finding out that “Jan” is actually a female. But still, she must have some CS roots?! What do you think? Wouldn’t that be cool if she was one of the first cured people with this new method?

Here is the article for you to read (click here).


And here is the video for you to watch in order to get a clear picture of what this super-virus can do! [click to continue…]

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photo-47I promised you I would give you an update on my girls’ bilingual progress every six months and I have a feeling I am way behind.

As you may know, Hahna is in 1st grade now and my younger girl Ava goes to preschool twice a week. Ava is 3 years old and she mixes Czech and English way more than Hahna but that’s because she is just now learning to speak fluently in full sentences in both languages.

Anyway, my good girl Hahna usually reminds her to speak Czech (when it is appropriate to speak Czech) which is just darling. Overall they are comfortable speaking English and Czech together when they are playing which is awesome.

When Ava plays by herself she ALWAYS does it in English which is interesting but I have a feeling that Hahna did the same thing when she was three.

What is new and super exciting is that Hanicka learned the Czech  ‘r’ and ř! I was ready for her to struggle with it much longer. I heard that some bilingual kids won’t learn it until they are 9 or 10 years old. Anyhow, how did it start? She just got curious herself and wanted to speak like mommy ever since she was about 5. Then her same-aged friend Kacenka (whose parents are both Czech but live in the US) started to show signs of the Czech ‘r’ when we saw them about 6 months ago and from then Hahna really put herself to work and was practicing all the time, mostly in bed when she was falling asleep :). And then one day, voila! She did it! Czech “r” followed short time after that. I think she feels like a total grown up now. [click to continue…]

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Slivovice google imageChristmas is time to have parties and we happened had one too. Besides the White Elephant gift exchange the hit was also the famous Czech plum brandy named Slivovice which one of our Czech/American friends brought as a gift. Seeing an unknown alcohol product, the American male half (about 4 guys, including my husband) finished the bottle in circa 1 hour. Result? One guy puked on our lawn, one guy got pulled home by his angry wife before he had the time to puke, the third guy turned red as and apple and became a non-moving sculpture for the rest of the night. And my husband? He ended up in the bed all day next day. [click to continue…]

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Hi guys,

spilling beans / imageI am now a regular contributor to a new around-the-world blog called The Opinions Post and wrote two articles there. One is in English and the other one is in true Czech – with ‘hacky’ and ‘carky’!!!!! It took me about 5 hours to add those things in but it is done.

The English one is called ‘Critical thinking? What kind of education is this?’ and the Czech one is ‘Vanoce za velkou vodou’. Hope you like it!

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john stewart image /arunnerslife.wordpress.comAll right, I like John Stewart, I think he is funny. But one of the latest reports did not do well with the Slovaks and I kind of feel for them. I feel for them because I still feel like one of them and even if I didn’t, I would still feel empathetic to their negative reaction. Watch the skit and let me know what you think. Should we just lighten up or did he go to far?

CZ: Slovensko se bouri nad nekdejsim skitem z The Daily Show s Johnem Stewartem, ktery si tentokrat udelal srandu prave z neho. Co myslite? Zasmat se tomu anebo se bourit?




The Daily Show

Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,The Daily Show on Facebook

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This is an acrylic painting of the Charles Bridge and its magical lamps.

Size: 14″ x 11″

Price: $70.00

- price does not include shipping








[click to continue…]


Ginberbread city from Better Homes and GardensI found this really CUTE idea for a Christmas gift (or you can use it as a decoration if you like) in the December issue of Better Homes and Gardens magazine.  It is a Gingerbread city in a glass jar. I figured to make it a little more Czech/Slovak you could make your house template in the country baroque style.

Here is the exact description of what to do when you want to have your jar look exactly like the one on the picture.

CZ: Tady je krasny napad, jak nekomu vyrobit napadity darecek anebo jen si hezky ozdobit vas domecek. Jestli chcete, tak si ty domecky trosku pozmente ve stylu selskeho baroka a mate krasny CESKY/SLOVENSKY darek!
[click to continue…]

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