Sucking on lyme….disease / lymska borelioza…co s ni?Sucking on lyme….disease / lymska borelioza…co s ni? | Czechmatediary
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Sucking on lyme….disease / lymska borelioza…co s ni?

It has been forever since I have written anything in Czechmate Diary and that is because I have got a lot going on these days – the good and the bad.

First of all, I have wanted to go back to the Czech Republic but the stress of it all just wore me down and I got really sick. Turns out that this ‘sickness’ wasn’t just stress, it was also a re-awakened Lyme disease! Can you believe it?? I have been suffering with strange, migrating symptoms for about 20 years, went to many doctors and most of them just shrugged their shoulders and either said it was the ‘nerves’ or some kind of dysautonomia. Just recently I connected with a friend that had similar issues who was diagnosed with Lyme disease. I got tested through the mainstream laboratory once before and the test came back negative. But the more I talked to my friend Rachel and the more research I did on my own, the faster I was realizing how hard it is to actually diagnose a chronic (late) Lyme.  This time I got therefore tested via IgenX which specializes in Lyme and other tick-born diseases. And I came back Lyme-positive. Now it all makes sense!! As a kid I loved to run around the Czech woods with my friends and we were getting ticks quite often. I don’t remember the exact ones but I know I had some. When I was about 15 years old I got vaccinated against the tick-born encephalitis but the vaccination was discontinued (strange…).

The good think I guess is that I know what I have, the bad thing is that we did not get to go to Prague which brings me a great sadness.

Another ordeal is the treatment of Lyme: most mainstream doctors don’t believe in chronic Lyme, they just believe in the active form of it, which is the bulls-eye rash and fevers. Therefore one has to go to the so-called LLMD (lyme literate doctor) and get on bunch of antibiotics for a very long time to kill various forms of Lyme bacteria and its co-infections (those antibiotics are not covered by insurance either). Some people take the homeopathic/natural route but it is all very confusing which route is more beneficial and/or more efficient.

Anyhow, I will try to be more attentive to my blog baby and post some more articles. If anyone of you have a similar experience or has something interesting/uplifting to add, please comment!!

CZ: Omlouvam se, ze jsem uz tak dlouho nic nenapsala/nekomentovala, ale hodne se toho ted v mem zivote deje. Zacala jsem planovat vylet do Cech ale z toho stresu jsem nejak onemocnela a ukazalo se zo to nebyly je pouhe ‘nervy’, ale take nove diagnozovana nemoc zvana lymska borelioza! Jsem nyni v procesu zjistovani jak se lecit a do Cech se samozrejme nejede, coz me nesmirne mrzi, ale neda se nic delat.

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  • Martin Horsky July 8, 2016, 8:56 am

    Best of luck! Lyme disease is real and pretty common here in New England (I live less than an hour from the town of Lyme in Connecticut). It will take time, but you’ll beat it. I have no direct experience with this, but will keep my eyes open.

  • Marie Kuby July 8, 2016, 12:54 pm

    There is a chapter on Lyme disease in the book: “Medical Medium: Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness and How to Finally Heal ” – November 10, 2015
    by Anthony William, which is available for sale on Amazon: Hardcover
    $16.87 and also there is a Kindle Edition $8.62.
    It also includes healing foods, healing herbs and supplements and a detailed Case History in relation to Lyme Disease. I would highly recommend this book.

  • Tanja July 8, 2016, 7:53 pm

    Marie, thanks!
    I bought a book that by Horowitz called “Why can’t I get better?” which is like the Lyme bible. I am also going to see a naturopath that deals with Lyme so we will see.

  • Tanja July 8, 2016, 7:54 pm

    Martine, thanks! Who would have known one of those Czech Commie ticks were so dangerous!

  • Martina July 11, 2016, 8:36 am

    Ohhh no… I’m so sorry to hear about this ;o( So you had lyme disease for 20 years… what about your kids, could they get it while you were pregnant with them? And yes, good thing is you know now your problem, so you can treat it finally! Best wishes, get well soon!

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