Chernobyl worse then expected? / Cernobyl horsi nez se predpokladalo?Chernobyl worse then expected? | Czechmatediary
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Chernobyl worse then expected? / Cernobyl horsi nez se predpokladalo?

Radio Praha released an interesting article about the recent  Nuclear Energy Conference held in Prague. Since 24th of April will be the 30th anniversary of the this disastrous nuclear reactor meltdown a British radiologist Ian Fairlie had as speech on the updated impact it had on Europe…and the Czech Republic. His findings are not calming….

Read the full article here (click here).

CZ: Ze by byl impakt Cernobylu horsi, nez se predpokladalo?? Prectete si zajimavy clanek na Radiu Praha zde (kliknete zde).


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  • Jamie April 19, 2017, 2:59 pm

    I’ve read things claiming that the radiation in Chernobyl will be depleted centuries faster than originally expected. The reason: natural organisms gobbling up the bad stuff. Oil spills seem to clean up within months, rather than the years predicted, because hydrocarbon-eating organisms appear on the scene and consume most of the pollution, and it’s claimed something similar is happening in Chernobyl. There has been a huge proliferation of fungi there that live on radiation. They used to know there were fungi that consume radioactive material, but for the first time, at Chernobyl, they have found that some fungi consume the radiation itself. Because of this, it’s theorized that Chernobyl will be safe in just 100 years or so, rather than thousands of years.

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