Quarter of a century of freedom / Ctvrt stoleti svobodyQuarter of a century of freedom | Czechmatediary
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Quarter of a century of freedom / Ctvrt stoleti svobody

10427213_10204335832068393_7550588325798323426_nAlthough some Czech teenagers would have a hard time remembering why today is the big day for Czechs (and Slovaks), the majority still celebrates the 17th of November as one of the biggest days in their history. Thousands of Czechs gathered in downtown Prague on Monday to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the launch of the Velvet Revolution that destroyed communism.

I remember that day myself – I was there…sitting on my dad’s shoulders….10 years old. Although I am unable to be there today, my friend from Prague posted some cool pictures from the commemoration event on Facebook. One of them looked like the picture below (diky Katko!).


A RED card ?

Yes, those celebratory festivities turned into an appeal for President Milos Zeman to resign. For those who are not immersed in the Czech politics, the president has been criticized for many things, mainly for his representative skills (perhaps too much alcohol at times?), for his rough language, his pro-Russian stance in the Ukraine conflict and the list goes on….

Is it time for Zeman to sit on a time-out bench indefinitely?

CZ: Oslavova 25-ti let svobody od komunismu se ‘zvrtla’ do proti-Zemanovske demonstrace. Je jeho chovani dostatecne strasne, aby rezignoval ze sveho prezidentskeho postu? Co myslite?


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