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Negative TB test ?! / Negativni TB test ?!

tuberculosis google imageThis is a great news for those who got vaccinated against Tuberculosis!

In order to volunteer at my daughter’s school I was ordered a TB test and was not very happy about it since I thought the test would be positive (my last TB vaccine was in 1987). This would mean going to get a chest X-Ray like EVERY YEAR since they want us to do the TB testing once a year.

But lo and behold, I tested negative! Not sure why or how, perhaps the TB antibodies are too old to fight back?? Or they are just not there anymore? Either way, I wanted to share this exciting news with you since many of the Czechmate Diary readers are Czech moms dealing with the same things as I am dealing with…in this case it was volunteering at school.


CZ: Uz neni potreba se bat TB testu! Podle ockovaciho prukazu jsem byla naposledy ockovana v roce 1987, ale pozitivne se jiz netestuji!!


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  • Benedikta September 27, 2014, 3:33 pm

    It’s nearly impossible to explain this to the American bureaucrats that many Europeans and Africans will test positively. For some strange reason, they don’t vaccinate here against TB, thus the positive result of a non-sick person can’t exist. The same issue face military guys. In their case, the military puts them on a year-long course of antibiotics to destroy the positive result. It’s quite ridiculous. I am glad that you have one less problem.

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