Mel Gibson visits Karlovy Vary / Mel Gibson v Karlovych Varech - CzechmatediaryMel Gibson visits Karlovy Vary / Mel Gibson v Karlovych Varech - Czechmatediary
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Mel Gibson visits Karlovy Vary / Mel Gibson v Karlovych Varech

440244-top_foto1-id6r4The  popular  Czech film festival at Karlovy Vary hosted yet another American movie star. This year it was – drumroll please – MEL GIBSON! Besides introducing his new movie he was also awarded the Crystal Globe (an art deco figure of a naked woman holding a crystal globe) for outstanding artistic contribution to the world cinema.

As he was accepting his new prize, he couldn’t help himself  to comment on it: “It’s just the kind of thing I want. The kind of fantasy I always had. A naked woman holding a ball. It’s great.” :)))

Marek Eben, the host of the show, talk to Mel for about 30 minutes, where he told stories about his childhood, his current work, and also that lately he has been apologizing to everybody all the time.

Although Gibson had to have an emergency root canal done while in Karlovy Vary (which lucky Czech dentist had the honor?), overall he loved the visit; Mel was absolutely charmed by the city and the warm welcome that he recieved everywhere. Good for him, the poor guy deserves a little break.

CZ: Vite kdo byl hostem na filmovem festivalu v Karlovych Varech tento rok? Mel Gibson!! Mimo to, ze tam predstavil svuj novy film, tak take prevzal cenu Kristaloveho Globusu. Pri jeho predavani si neodpustil zavtipkovat, ze neco takoveho vzdycky chtel: nahatou zenu, drzici balon. :))

S Markem Ebenem a divaky si povidal asi pul hodiny, vypravel jim history s detsvi, na cem ted pracuje a take ze se v posledni dobe neustale nekomu omlouva.

I kdyz musel po priletu podstoupit nepredvidanou zubni operaci, v Karlovych Varech se mu moooc libilo. Okouzlilo ho nejen mesto, ale take krasne ceske zeny….a take vrele prijeti (chudak si to taky po dlouhe dobe zaslouzi).


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