S.O.S.!!! I got flat feet! /S.O.S.!!! Mam ploche nohy!! S.O.S.!!! I got flat feet! | Czechmatediary

S.O.S.!!! I got flat feet! /S.O.S.!!! Mam ploche nohy!!

foot-x-rayOK, from the heavenly issue of Easter to the earthly issues of flat feet. The Czechs are really BIG on flat feet. Or rather obsessed about how to NOT have flat feet. All of the kids’ shoes there have arch support – without a question. Even most of adult footwear comes with it. That is why the shoes in Czech (and Europe in general) are so expensive.

If you say the words “flat feet” here in America, you will come across blank faces, like if you said that you drink a mushroom tea instead of coffee every morning. Like you are one of those crazy health freaks. Out of politeness they usually ask about what exactly that term means and how does one know whether he/she has flat feet. I explain it to them, hoping they will become followers of the Healthy Footwear god and next time I see them they wear those evil flat shoes again! True, I have a few of those devilish pairs myself but I really just drive in them (otherwise I would suffer later for it).

Both of my kids have very flat feet, even their American pediatrician pointed that out. Yet, to advice me on what to do about it, that was another ordeal. Basically, he did not have much to say. I had to take the initiative and do a research on the internet, what products are even out there. At first, I googled the term “orthopedic shoes” and got a list of shoe-like braces for people that break their feet or have some kind of malformation.

After days of searching in stores and on-line I managed to sniff out some good shoes, which made me happy as a clam.
Yet the question that lingers in my head still persist. Why are Americans so oblivious to this health issue? Do they not suffer with it as much as we or other nations do? I see kids and adults wearing trendy, flat feet everywhere and they don’t seem to have flat feet (from what my uneducated eye can see). Or the other option is that they do, but it never really effected their postural health. Are the threats we grew up with just scam??!! I remember my dad (a doctor) was forcing me to walk barefoot whenever possible (ouch!), otherwise I would ‘end up with a screwed up back later on’.

What’s even more weird, that there is not much info on the negative impact of having flat feet. One military study  suggests that flat feet are NOT an impediment, at least in soldiers who reached the age of military recruitment without prior foot problems. Instead, in this population, there is a suggestion of more injury in high arched feet.

Mayoclinic.org is more conservative: “Flatfeet can sometimes contribute to problems in your ankles and knees because the condition can alter optimal alignment of your legs.”

Wouldn’t it alter the alignment of your whole body, not just your legs??

The truth is that today I don’t have flat feet anymore so maybe those days walking barefoot on rocky soil and wearing arch-footed shoes worked. So there is my one-person controlled experiment :).

CZ: Neni vam divne, ze Americane se vubec nestresuji s plochymi nohami? Vsechny deti tu nosi naprosto ploche boty, vlastne i rodice, a vubec je nevzrusuje, ze to pro ne neni zdrave. Nebo je to vsechno jen fama a mit ploche nohy proste tak velky problem neni? Ja nevim jak vy, ale moji rodice jako malou nutili chodit bez bot, ze pry je to zdrave pro me ploche nohy a ze pry nebudu mit zkazene zada (z plochych nohou). A samozrejme, vsechny boty ktere jsem nosila – vcetne Jarmilek – mely ortopedicky tvar.

Obe me dcery maji ploche nohy, tudiz jsem tu ztravila nejaky ten patek hledanim zdravych bot. Nejake jsem nasla, ale holky se na ne divaji trosku s odporem, protoze nejsou tak hezke, jako ty odporne ploche strevicky. Ale neda se nic delat, nosit to budou muset ;).




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