How to be Czech and date Czech / Jak se stat Cechem a chodit s CechemHow to be Czech and date Czech | Czechmatediary
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How to be Czech and date Czech / Jak se stat Cechem a chodit s Cechem

homolkovi / imageIf you have enjoyed some of the other stories on the Czech nature you for sure have to read this article, written by Ricky Yates – An Anglican in Prague. In 10 simple points he tells you how to become Czech (click here for the article)!

What do you think? Did get it pretty much all? Did he miss some points?

Also, if you are if you are not Czech and dating a Czech guy, you will probably like this article on (click here). Again, in 10 simple steps, the author will tel you how to keep him.

See? In 20 simple steps, you get to become Czech AND you can successfully date a Czech guy!! Now that’s a successful life!

CZ: Necitite se dostatecne cesky? Zde je tahak na to, jak se stat opravdovym Cechem (napsane Anglicanem). Jste cizinka (co umi cist cesky) a chodite s ceskym bojarem? Dozvedte se, jak se s nim brzy nerozejit zde.

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  • Ricky Yates January 23, 2014, 12:42 pm

    Hi Tatjana,

    Thank you for posting the link to my blog post . No doubt it partly explains the massive number of hits my blog has received today. You can of course, also add me to your blog roll 🙂

    Whilst not being a great fan of , I do know the author of the other article to which you link & know that she writes out of personal experience. I have met her Czech other half too!

    I shall be interested to read your readers comments regarding both of these articles.

    Hezký večer


  • James January 27, 2014, 8:47 am

    The article on how to be Czech says, “Get a title,” but before going to the trouble of acquiring a title (preferably a string of them), check to see if you already have a title from home. You may have one and not know it. I was surprised, years after moving back to the US, that upon my arrival in the CSSR, and again in the CSFR, I already did have the title “akademický malíř”, or “academic painter”.

    Many degrees and distinctions that do not have titles in the US have them in the Czech Republic.

  • James January 27, 2014, 8:53 am

    There should be an article for Czech girls dating American expats. (Actually, there probably is one.) I saw Czech woman here and there who shouldn’t have been taking the grief the American was giving her, and there was one incident in particular on a train where I wanted to punch the American’s teeth out and give the Czech girl a lecture about standing up for herself.

    And, as the author of the article on getting along with a Czech man wrote, not every thing that seems wrong is a cultural problem. The guy may really just be a jerk you should run away from. Don’t wait 10 years to find that out, like some Czech women I know.

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