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‘To your health!’ / ‘Na zdravi!!!’

Slivovice google imageChristmas is time to have parties and we happened had one too. Besides the White Elephant gift exchange the hit was also the famous Czech plum brandy named Slivovice which one of our Czech/American friends brought as a gift. Seeing an unknown alcohol product, the American male half (about 4 guys, including my husband) finished the bottle in circa 1 hour. Result? One guy puked on our lawn, one guy got pulled home by his angry wife before he had the time to puke, the third guy turned red as and apple and became a non-moving sculpture for the rest of the night. And my husband? He ended up in the bed all day next day.

But while they were having their good old time I turned into a female Sherlock Holmes (I even had a scarf on, except the pipe was missing) and tried to investigate if they actually liked the taste of Slivovice or if it is just some kind of a self-torture/matcho guy thing. I myself don’t drink too much, especially not hard alcohol so it fascinates me to watch people who like that kind of stuff.


Anyway, their response to if they like Slivovice?

– it tastes like turpentine

– it doesn’t taste anything like plums

– it is a throat cleanser (which was followed by a high pitched Led Zepplin-style scream)

– it makes sense that it screws you up if it was made by the “Old Rudy” (meaning Rudolf Jelinek who makes it these days)

What is your opinion on Slivovice? Be honest! Patriotic feelings aside…

CZ: Vánoce jsou čas veselí a oslav, tudíž i my my měli jednu. Kromě zábavné hry zvané ¨Bílý Slon¨ nám také jeden česko-americký kamarád přinesl Slivovici. Jak chlapi uvideli nový alkoholický produkt, vrhli se na něj jako tlupa kojotů a vypili tu flašku za jednu hodinu. Výsledek? Jeden se vyblil na nasem trávníku, druhého naštvaná manželka odvlekla domů ještě před tím než měl čas se někde vyprázdnit, třetí ožrala celý zrudnul a zkamenatěl. A můj manžel? Ten prospal celý pristi den.


I když začalo jít do tuhého a lidé tu odpadávali jako mouchy, chtěla jsem si zahrát na reportéra a konečne se dozvědět, jestli Američanům Slivovice chutná anebo jestli je to nejake chlapske masochisticke gesto. Toto byly jejich odpovědi:

– Chutná jako terpentin

– Vůbec nechutná jako švestky

– Pročistí krk což následuje srdceryvný křik stylu Led Zepplin

– To dává smysl, že je tě to zničí, když je to vyrobený starým dobrým Rudouškem (viz Rudolf Jelínek)

Co si o Slivovici myslite vy? Ale popravdě!




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  • Frank January 5, 2014, 5:04 am

    As an American who is married to a Moravian Czech, I must say that I am disappointed in my brethren! Those boys are lightweights, lol, just joking! Jelinek can be pretty brutal, because it tends to have a metallic/manufactured taste. When we visit CZ, we always bring home a couple of bottles of the homemade stuff. We don’t have alot of it, so we treat it like gold. It is actually much smoother and tastier than the store bought stuff and I have never had the reaction your friends had.

  • Clyde Cantrell January 5, 2014, 9:13 am

    I got drunk on homemade Slivo in the Czech Republic while playing with theVeslelanka Band. The members would play four songs drink a bunch of pivo then take two shots of Slivo. I didn’t get sick but I had to be carried out of the hall and it took me until late afternoon before I could take another shot of Slivo. As for the taste it is all right it really has no taste to me when you slam it back like a shot of tequila. It hits your stomach like an atom bomb though. It’s best ice cold but over there nothing is cold so you drink it at room temp. I’m going back in June so I have to get toughened up for more Slivo.

  • Geoff Pesek January 5, 2014, 5:05 pm

    It’s a right of passage. I had similar experiences when I visited my cousins in the CR. every time I heard the words “chow” or perhaps ciao, I knew a shot of slivovice was forthcoming. Great stuff!

  • Tanja January 5, 2014, 9:17 pm

    Ha! You guys are funny! I will let those American boys know that they are not weird by feeling that way. My friend Eva who lives in a Czech countryside told me that they make their own and it tastes way better. Jelinek is just the biggest and the most known Slivovice company so that’s why his stuff appears at our stores and not the true, quality stuff.

  • Vlastimil January 6, 2014, 11:00 am

    I understand the guys felt little bit off, since Vizovice Slivovice is not the real Slivovice … The real one has 100% proof or more and is clear as a water… And it it delicisious.. it you can’t buy it ….

  • Vlastimil January 6, 2014, 11:03 am

    Sorry for the typos…. Slivovice is really strong stuff.. :))

  • Tanja January 7, 2014, 9:42 pm

    Wait, you are talking about Absinth?

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