Can Czech government be more corrupted? / Muze byt ceska vlada vic zkoruptovana?Can Czech government be more corrupted? | Czechmatediary
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Can Czech government be more corrupted? / Muze byt ceska vlada vic zkoruptovana?

Czech prime minister Necas / Radio Free Europe imageIf you are following the Czech news even a little bit you know yet another corruption affair has taken its place. A couple of days ago the Czech police arrested 10 members of the Czech government (in the middle of the night!!!) and now the prime minister Necas resigned, admitting having his fingers in the corruption scandal as well.

Under the Czech Constitution, the prime minister’s resignation means the fall of the entire government, after which it is up to the president to name a new prime minister designate. All eyes are now on president Zeman who is he going to pick.

Remember Wikileaks? They told us about a US embassy personnel who put together an unclassified cable under the title “CZECH CORRUPTION: BAD, AND UNLIKELY TO GET BETTER SOON” signed off on by then US Ambassador to the Czech Republic. Here is a little taste of the article: “While there had been a reduction in petty corruption — such as the perceived need to bribe office clerks in government offices or town halls to expedite paperwork, or to traffic police to get off fines — in part thanks to the introduction of new technology, “malfeasance by high-level officials, particularly with large public procurements” remained problematic.”
Well, here we are, almost a year later, and the title has proven to be unfortunately correct.

CZ: Jestlize sledujete ceskou politiku alespon trosicku, tak vam asi neunikl dalsi skandal. Tentokrat ceska policie uprostred noci zatkla 10 clenu ceske vlady a nezadlouho pote rezignoval take vinny premier Petr Necas. Je ted na Zemanovi, aby si vybral noveho premiera, doufejme ze tentokrat nekoho verohodnejsiho. Ale je vubec nekoho takoveho mozno najit?

Wikilieaks pred rokem zverejnili clanek napsany zamestnancem americke ambasady (a podepsany samotnym ambasadorem) zvany “Ceska korupce: ve spatnem stavu a bude hur”. Zatim se autorova predpoved bohuzel naplnila.


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  • Martin Horsky June 19, 2013, 5:47 am

    No question that corruption is a problem in every post-communist society (or in China, for that matter), but the way the arrests were made looks little strange. You don’t usually send masked police commando after government officials, investigating white-collar crime. I just read a great article by Petr Hampl, in Czech, on this subject here –

  • Zdenek June 19, 2013, 10:43 am

    @Martin Horsky: Alright here we go again. Corruption in CR exists. No doubt about it.
    But corruption isn’t only a problem of post-communist countries and China. You make it look like in non-post-communist countries corruption isn’t a problem when corruption is a problem even here in this very United States of A.
    What do you think “lobbying” is? A form of corruption which is unfortunately legal.

    Now about the arrests. First, we still don’t know what EXACTLY they were arrested for. In the Czech Radio they say it might be only a by-product of an investigation of something much bigger and I hope that’s the case.
    Second, it was a great demonstration of the police power to show all dirty politicians that they are not above the law and that something like this can happen to them too. Maybe that will teach them to fly straight.

    I hope courts will adjudicate this “common politics practice” as bribery and they’ll all end up behind the bars for quite a while.

    @Tanja: “Zkoruptovana” isn’t a word. It’s “zkorumpovana”. I apologize for correcting you but it drives me up the wall.

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