Are Czechs becoming alcohol snobs? / Stavaji se Cesi alkoholovymi snoby? Are Czechs becoming alcohol snobs? | Czechmatediary

Are Czechs becoming alcohol snobs? / Stavaji se Cesi alkoholovymi snoby?

whiskyWe already know Czechs like their booze. They like it so much that they are number one beer drinkers in the whole world. And maybe that’s because they make the best beer in the world! Lately though their noses have been turning up a little higher, lusting after fancy imported distilled spirits.


My Czech friends have been getting into drinking this Irish whiskey called Tullamore. I did some research and last year the Czechs bought more than 850,000 liters of it! Rum and tequila imports are on the second and third place.

Why are they choosing international spirit brands in preference to the cheap traditional ones such as slivovice? I think because they are simply of a higher quality and they taste better. Or is it a social status move? I am not sure since I am not a very big drinker myself. But one of you guys may know the answer…

While whiskey, bourbon and tequila travel happily into the Czech Republic, the old faithful slivovice (plum brandy), hruskovice (pear brandy) and tresnovice (cherry brandy) are wanted abroad. In 2010 the exports reached $48 million! The popular destinations for Czech exports are Germany, Norway, Hungary and Lebanon. So it’s good to know that not only our beer is making a history but also good ol’ slivovice is creating itself a name in the world as well.





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