YouTube video on Slovak Christmas / YouTube video o slovenskych VanocichYouTube video on Slovak Christmas | Czechmatediary
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YouTube video on Slovak Christmas / YouTube video o slovenskych Vanocich

It’s been a while since I posted but the truth is that Christmas has been really busy for me. Getting the tree ready, baking Czech Christmas cookies, sending Christmas cards, Christmas parties…..oh my! And the preparations are far from done or perfect. For instance, I wanted to make linzer cookies today but I could not find the cookie cutters!!!! I was so mad but also determined so I ended up using plato cookie cutters. That is why we have cookies in a shape of a butterfly, a pretzel, a strawberry, a horse….not very Christmasy but hey! Why not….

To put us in the mood I selected a YouTube video about Slovak Christmas this time. It is very nicely done and it allows you to see the similarities/differences when compared to the Czech Christmas. Actually, I don’t think I have even seen any kind of differences in the movie. Could any one of you Slovak folks fill us in on that?

CZ: Koukam, ze uz jsem dlouho nic nepsala, ale prosinec je u nas opravdovy blazinec. Peceni cukrovi, stromek, darky, navstevy……je to fakt zahul! Mozna z toho pretizeni jsem dneska skoncila s tim, ze jsem vykrajovala linecke cukrovi s modelinovymi formickami misto formicek normalnich, protoze jsem je proste nemohla najit. Mame tedy linecka ‘kolecka’ ve tvaru jahody, precliku, kone, auta… proste moderni Vanoce!

Tentokrat jsem vybrala video o slovenskych Vanocich, aby se clovek podival, jak jsou vlastne rozlisne od Vanoc ceskych. Prisli mi skoro identicke. Nevite nekdo, jestli maji na Slovensku jine vanocni zvyky??

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