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House that fell in love with the sun / Dum, ktery se zamiloval do slunce

I guess this month is all about new designs for Czechmate Diary because I came across yet ANOTHER article about an incredibly inventive Czech guy (check out the other post about cool Czech designs here)!

The first time I wrote this post I was really excited about it and wrote a lot about him. For some reason 97% of the article did not get saved so I am very upset at my computer right now and  this post will be much shorter.

Anyway, Bohuslav Lhota from Velke Hamry is well over 70 years of age and keeps busy by improving his   – I call it the UFO house. He has been working on it for 31 years and it is indeed a masterpiece. Not only that the whole building turns toward the sun to acquire the solar energy from it but it also has the ability to submerge UNDER the ground during winter months. Why? Because soil serves as a natural thermal insulator.

At the beginning of the construction Bohuslav did not have much money so he would have to get the wood from the local forest himself (all of the interior is made out of wood) or he used old gym wall bars to support his staircase.

The house has three levels. The lowest level has the solar-heated pool and a winter garden. The middle level is Bohuslav’s flat and the upper level is inhabited. For now, Bohuslav goes there from time to time to enjoy the wonderful view of the Czech countryside.

It should be no surprise that Mr. Lhota won a first place at the Engergy Global Award – Czech Republic. I bet if you look at this hands they are truly made out of gold…as the old Czech saying claims it to be true.

To see the whole photogallery of this amazing house click here.

CZ:  Pamatujete si, jak jsem psala o tom sobestacnem  solarnim domu? Nu, zde je neco podobneho, ale jeste senzacnejsiho. (pardon, nejak mi blbne pocitac, a vubec mi muj clanek v cestine neuschoval a nemam silu ho psat znovu, takze vas linknu primo ke clanku).



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