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Eat, Pray, Love? No! Speak, Czech, Love / Laska az za hrob

You hear about these love stories during the war and it makes you think, ‘Gosh what a devotion those two had for each other!’. No matter how many movies one had seen on this topic we are ready for more as soon as Hollywood spits out another one.
Well, this particular World War II love story comes from Radio Prague, which deserves the points for the discovery – it is wonderful! Lillian is a 92-year-old English woman (or was a 92 year old woman – she past away last month) who fell in love with a handsome Czech pilot who was fighting with the Allies. Now get this, he was determined to go out with her (and probably even marry her) even before he spoke a WORD of English! Through his English-speaking Czech friend he made her promise him that she would go out on a date with him if he learned to speak English in 6 months.
But even before the 6-month mark was up he would wait for her after work to walk her home :). Anyway, they ended up getting married and living in the Czech Republic their whole life. Even after her husband’s death in 1970’s, Lillian chose not to desert her little town called Lom (in the Northern Czech Republic, near Most) and lived there until her recent death.

It really is a wonderful story so make sure you read the details right here (click here).

CZ: Jestli mate radi valecne romany, tuto prihodu si opravdu nenechte uniknout. Mlada anglicanka se zamiluje do krasneho ceskeho letce, ktery neumi ani slovo anglicky! Pak se spolu odstehuji do Cech a tam take ve svych 92 letech zemre. Prectete si dva dily napinave lovestory zde (kliknete zde).

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  • Eva Z July 10, 2012, 2:31 pm

    What a sweet story!

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