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Russian brotherhood? / Ruske bratrstvi?

Recently my hubby and I went to a Russian restaurant to celebrate our friend’s birthday. I was looking forward to it because I knew that some of the menu items will be similar to Czech food that I love so much. The restaurant was very nice, the food was also very yummy (although quite pricey), but the service was AWFUL! It was so bad that I have relieve to myself and write a post about it.

Actually, I take it back, the Russian bus-girls were very nice but the waiters were just out of this world rude. Let me tell you what actually happened and how it happened to spoil my idea of our Slavic ‘brotherhood’.

There was about 10 of us at the table and when we were deciding on what to order, one girl in the group asked the waiter what was good on the menu. A pretty common question right? I mean I was a waitress for some time and I got that same question quite often. That just means that the customers are too overwhelmed with the choices (or too lazy to study every single item on the menu) so they are asking for some kind of an input. OK, so the waiter goes: “EVERYSING ON THE MENU IZ GOOD OTHERWISE IT WOULD NOT BEE THERE.” His face expressions went along with what he was saying, he did not even try to cover up his feelings of disgust and annoyance.

Fortunately, since Czech and Russian cuisine are quite similar, I ended up helping that girl out, pointing her to some user-friendly beef stew for ‘only’ $19.99.

The second waiter came by just minutes later to take our drink orders. My husband loves good beer so he asked the waiter what the beer selection was. Among others, the waiter listed also a remote Czech beer (sorry, don’t remember the name) and at that particular point I decided to share my exciting secret and tell the waiter that I am Czech. Czech like the Czech beer they are selling, Czech like the Slavic language that we share with the Russians (and therefore we can somehow understand each other), Czech like the communist Czechoslovakia which shared the same oppressive regime with the former USSR….. All these shared similarities were coming to me while I was sharing that secret of mine, however, I got completely – I mean COMPLETELY!!- shut down. In fact, I got SO shut down by the waiter that I wasn’t even offended. His reaction was so over the top rude that my husband and I both busted out laughing.

So I merrily say to him: “I am Czech!” and he proceeds to shrug his shoulders, one side of his upper lip goes up, like in an utter disgust and says: “SO?? VLADISLAV OVER TZERE IS CZECH TOO!” What???? Why the heck would you say something so cold and unfriendly? Did he think I was bragging or something? His response carried one and only message: “I don’t give a crap about who you are and where you come from”.

It was funny but of course sad at the same time. There were no group hugs with my Slavic ‘buddies’, the gratuity was included in the check so one could not even express his disappointment in service that way. I should have put all of my brotherhood energy into those nice Russian girls. Oh well, next time. But wait, there won’t be next time!

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