Czech events for October 2010 / Ceske akce na rijen 2010Czech events for October 2010 | Czechmatediary
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Czech events for October 2010 / Ceske akce na rijen 2010

Here is an exciting calendar of Czech and Slovak activities for October. We are blessed this month to be visited by Czech bands like MIG-21, Druha Trava AND Marta KUBISOVA!!!! Not very many Czech Halloween parties though….actually to be exact, there are none.
CZ: Tento mesic nas prijede navstivit slavna ceska kapela MIG-21, take Druha Trava a nekecam, take Marta KUBISOVA!!! To je pocta. Zatim jsem neobjevila zadnou ryze CS halloweenovskou party…..a Dusickove party se moc neporadaji ;0)
1. New York, NY

What: Czech Street Festival
When: 10/2/2010

What: “Growing up in NYC (Helen was born in Prague and raised in Manhattan…)
When: 10/7/2010

What: Concert of MIG 21 (popular Czech pop-rock band)
When: 10/26

What: Czech and Slovak Fairytales (Puppet theatre)
When: 10/30/2010

2. Washington, DC

What: Concert: Defiant Requiem: Verdi at Terezín (Czech concentration camp)
When: 10/6/2010

What: Lions of Czech Film Series: Fimfarum 2 | Fimfárum z druhé kapsy (written by Jan Werich)
When: 10/13/2010

What: Book Reading: The Three Golden Keys and presentation on the Czech Republic
When: 10/29/2010

3. Cedar Rapids, IA
What: ‘Brewnost’ (beer tasting celebration)
When: 10/15/2010

What: Cooking Kolace in Babi’s kitchen
When: 10/23/2010

4. Astoria, NY
What: Seminar – “The Czechs: A nation across borders”
When: 10/3 – 10/5/2010

What: MARTA KUBISOVA in benefit concert
When: 10/1/2010

What: Haunted Octoberfest
When: 10/26/2010 – 10/31/2010

5. Parkville, MD
When: 10/24/2010
6. North Miami, FL
What: Concert of MIG-21
When: 10/23/2010

7. Austin, TX
What: Austin Czech Historical Association’s Annual Cesky Vecer
When: 10/24/2010

8. La Grande, TX
What: Family Vineyards and Moravian Wines (wine tasting)
When: 10/30/2010

9. York, NE
What: October Czechfest
When: 10/3/2010

10. Omaha, NE
What: Concert of Druha Trava (Czech bluegrass band)
When: 10/20/2010

11. San Jose, CA
What: Petr Sis introduces his new book “Madenka soccer star”
What: 10/23/2010
12. Berkeley, CA
What: Movie showing of the “Protektor”
When: 10/21/2010

13. San Francisco, CA
What: Concert of MIG-21
When: 10/31/2010

14.Charlestown, MA
What: Annual Harvest Fest “Dozinky”
When: 10/9/2010

15. Weston, MA
What: Vyroci vzniku Ceskoslovenske Republiky (1918)
When: 10/28/2010

16. Houston, TX
What: National Czech Celebration
When: 10/28/2010

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  • janney October 1, 2010, 12:21 am

    ale ne – skoda,ze uz nebydlime u San Francisca..Na Migy bych sla hned…

  • Eva Z. October 1, 2010, 10:47 am

    Ahoj Tanjo, nevim, jak myslis tu ryze ceskou halloweenskou party, to snad ani nejde :), ale kamaradka Ceska porada v Dallasu Halloweenskou party pro vsechny Cechy a kamarady. Urcite jich bude take po celych USA spoustu, jen ne publikovane verejne!

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