Czech Republic under water / Ceska Republika je pod vodouCzech Republic under water | Czechmatediary
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Czech Republic under water / Ceska Republika je pod vodou

First the volcano now floods. What is going on with Europe? The Czech Republic has been plagued by extreme floods for some time now and the north-west region was warned to braise itself for even more flooding! The local authorities are prepared to pay about 5 billion Czech crowns, which is quite the unwelcomed amount in this economical situation. Read up more on Czech floods here (click here).

CZ: Nejdriv sopka ted zase zaplavy. Co se to s tou Evropou deje? Ceska Republika resi zaplavy jiz od kvetna a nove privalove deste se pry blizi n severo-vychod! Vlada se do rekonstrukce znicenych regionu chysta investovat kolem 5 milionu korun, coz je velmi nemila castka, kdyz se zamyslite nad nynejsi ekonomickou situaci…
Vice si teto krizi muzete precist zde (kliknete zde).

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