Czech and Slovak events abroad for November 2009/ Ceske a Slovenske akce v zahranici na listopad 2009Czech and Slovak events abroad for November 2009/ Ceske a Slovenske akce v zahranici na listopad 2009 | Czechmatediary
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Czech and Slovak events abroad for November 2009/ Ceske a Slovenske akce v zahranici na listopad 2009

velvet-revolution google image This is a special month for Czechs and Slovaks because it marks a 20-year anniversary of the Velvet Revolution. That’s right, although Czechoslovakia does not exist anymore both countries have been enjoying 20 years of freedom! Most of the events bellow commemorate just that:

CZ: Tento mesic je pro Cechy a Slovaky velmi vyznamny, nebot 17. listopadu obe zeme slavi 20. vyroci (!!) sametove revoluce!! Ceskoslovensko sice jiz neexistuje, ale obe zeme si jiz 20 let uzivaji nadherne svobody. Vetsina zde zminenych akci si pripomina prave toto datum:

1. Baltimore, MD

What: Slavic food festival

When: Nov. 21

2. New York, NY

A. What: Czechoslovak-American Marionette Theatre

When: Nov. 12 – 29

B. Project TRANSFER (exhibition of contemporary Czech painters)

When: Nov. 3

C. ATENEO concert (Czech choral singing)

When: Nov. 2

3. North Miami, FL

What: Special Thanksgiving dinner

When: Nov. 22

4. Chicago, IL

What: American Friends of the Czech Republic gala award dinner

When: Nov. 10

5. Kansas City,MO

What: A Midwest Salute to Czech & Slovak Independence

When: Nov. 5-7

6. Houston, TX

What: Celebrating the anniversary of the Velvet Revolution

When: Nov. 17

7. Dayton, OH

What: Steaks & Dance at Czechoslovak Club in Dayton

When: Nov. 20

More info at

8. Chicago, IL

A. What: Christmas around the World Festival (including the Czech Republic and Slovakia)

When: Nov. 20

More info at

B. Chicago Premier of the documentary film “Citizen Havel”

When: Nov. 16

More info at

9. McLean, VA

What: Katerinska zabava (traditional Fall’s dancing celebration)

When: Nov. 7

More info:

For the hungry ones we will serve the
“Kotlikovy” beef goulash and in addition to the
goulash we will serve German sausages “first come first serve”.
For refreshment you can enjoy the Pilsner Urquell from Bohemia, one of
the world’s finest beers with the intense taste
of the Saaz hops, which blends with the malty sweetness of the barley
and produces a harmonious bitterness and creamy
body; and a great selection of world wines.

The Katerinska Party will be held on Saturday, November 7, 2009 at
7:30 p.m.. at the VFW Club (the Veterans of Foreign
Wars) McLean Post No. 82, 1051 Spring Hill Rd., McLean, VA 22102.

Admission: Sokol Members $7.00
Others $14.00
Cash only

10. Washington, DC (Embassy of the Czech Republic)

A. What: Czech Christmas Decorations Sale

When: Nov. 12

More info: rsvp to

B: Conference on “Czechs and Balances: 20 years of freedom and democracy”

When: Nov. 4

More info: rsvp to

C. Concert of “Psi Vojaci”

When: Nov. 5 at 7:30

Admission is free!

More info: rsvp to


1. Otawa, ON

What: Zemlinsky quartet (classical concert)

When: Nov. 17

More info at

2. Toronto, ON

What: ‘Kanadsky Slavik’ (Chilrens’ singing competition)

When: Nov. 29

More info at

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  • Karen October 31, 2009, 8:04 am

    Hi Tanja, looking forward to reading your World Blog Surf Day post and tweeting about it – especially since you are living my expat experience in reverse.

  • Vlastimil November 1, 2009, 8:28 pm

    Tak to uz je 20 let , kdy byla ta revoluce? To to utika…

  • Kamila November 9, 2009, 10:50 am

    Taky to nechapu, ze uz je to 20 let! Vrele doporucuji film “Power of the Powerless”: – dokumentarni film o komunismu, 68, 89 a o zivote po 20 letech padu komunismu.

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