Czech events abroad: May 2009 / Ceske akce ve svete: kveten 2009 - CzechmatediaryCzech events abroad: May 2009 / Ceske akce ve svete: kveten 2009 - Czechmatediary
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Czech events abroad: May 2009 / Ceske akce ve svete: kveten 2009

Peter Nagy (1986) google imageThe beautiful month of May is here and with it comes a bunch of exciting Czech stuff like Peter Nagy tour or if you live in Canada you get the chance to see Jirina Bohdalova in a play! There are also  couple of Czech/Slovak festivals so no one gets bored….

CZ: Kveten je tady a s nim take plno ceskych dobrutek jako napriklad koncert Petra Nagyho nebo jestlize zijete v Kanade, mate sanci take shlednout samotnou Jirinu Bohdalovou v divadelni hre. Take se teno mesic kona par ceskych/slovenskych festivalu – tedy nikdo se nudit nebude…

1. New York, NY (Czech center)

A. What – Bohemian Spring Celebration

When – May 1

More info –

B. What – Peter Nagy concert

When – May 12

More info –

C. What – Ostrava in New York (Ostravska Banda)

When –  May 6

D. What – Czech documentary film:’Bye bye Shanghai’

When – May 15
E. What – Czech band concert: Tata bojs
When – May 20

F. What – jazz concert of Martin Zbrozek

When – May 29

2. Astoria, NY (Bohemian Beer Garden)

What – Czech Slovak Festival

When – May 23

3. La Grande, TX
A. What – Acoustic/Country Bluegrass Show

When – May 2

B. What – May Fest (Slavnost)

When –  May 17

C. What – Play: “The Mushroom Picker”

When – May 8

More info – In observance of the 64th Anniversary of V-E Day, the Bohemian National Hall will present the New York premiere of The Mushroom Picker, a multi-media one-man show by Patrick Dewane about forgotten World War II hero Matt Konop on Friday, May 8 at 8 pm. Tickets are $15 at the door. The Bohemian National Hall is located at 321 73rd Street, New York City. For information, call (212) 988-1733.

4. Lincoln, NE

What – 40th Annual Czech Festival

When – May 3

5. Westchester, IL

What – Slovak Opera Night

When – May 10

6. San Francisco, CA

What – Prvomajova Party

When – May 1

7. St. Paul, MN

A. What – Festival of Nations (with Czech and Slovak ethnic presentation)

When – May 1 – May 3

B. What – Traditional Slovak Folk Tales (book study)

8. Portland, OR

What – Bohemian Rhapsody (classical music concert)

When – May 8

9. Mc Lean, Virginia

What – Slavic-American Festival of Saints Cyril and Methodius

When – May 16

More info -May 16th from 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM
St. Luke Orthodox Church, McLean, Virginia
Free Admission
Cultural Program and Music throughout the day
Slavic Food, Delicacies, Beers and Wines from Northern and Southern Europe
Moon bounce and games for the Children
Sports Activities for Adults

Sokol Contact – A. Bartos: 703-395-1071
Church contact – Father P. Gariano: 703-298-2609

10. Arlington, VA (Sokol Washington)

What –  Jiri Vaclav Parma Memorial Tennis Tournament

When – May 10

More info – Sunday, May 10th, 2009
8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Bluemont Park, 601 N. Manchester St.,
Arlington, VA

Entry Fee

11. Boston, MA

What – Peter Nagy concert

When – May 15

More info –

12. Chicago, IL

What – Rock’n Roll by Tom Stoppard (musical about the Plastic People of the Universe)

When –  May 2 to June 7

More info –


Toronto, Ontario

What – Peter Nagy concert

When – May 9

More info –

What – Concert of Milan Bruner & Marta Laurincova (classical music)

When – May 17

More info –

What – Play “Lasky Pani Katty” (with Jirina Bohdalova!)

When – May 1,2,3

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