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And I want to dress up for what?? / A proc ze se mam nacancat??

Everyone knows that clothing in the US is VERY cheap. The mega-stores like Target, Marshall’s Wallmarts and Kohl’s offer these things for almost nothing (you do have to be a bargain shopper though). For a mere $20 one can buy a whole outfit! T-shirts for $5, pants for $10 and for the leftover money you can get a nice earrings/necklace set – that’s how it must be in heaven (actually, I don’t think they would charge you in heaven…). Many times I find myself sending stuff home or to my friends since the items are about 3 times less expensive then if you bought them in Europe.
Now that I made this point clear, it only makes sense that most American women  go crazy, become shopoholics and later end up attending the SA meetings (Shopoholic Anonymous). One thing I really don’t get though: what do they need all the clothes for?? Now, correct me if I am wrong but 99% of these women end up wearing matching sweatpant outfits and a pair of sneakers! Of course, they don’t want to look completely vagabondish, so they try to cover it up by buying those “fancy” sweats made out of velvet, with a fancy silver sign saying “I am hot”. There are two explanations to this fashion catastrophe: One being that most of these suburban women just don’t have places to dress up for. I mean soccer fields and grocery stores are not going to do it. Two, since the norm of what to wear has dropped down to pretty much a freezing point, it takes a lot of energy to fight this sickening norm off all the time.

I myself get caught up in this battle; I hardly get to use all the clothes I have so why would I be buying even more stuff? Once in a while I make myself watch the TV show called “What not to wear” where I re-discover things like high-heeled shoes, skirts or even earrings and necklaces! I am not sure it’s because I am a busy mom now or that we don’t live in some European cosmopolitan city like Paris or Milan but I just seem to forget about these “alien” accessories. Instead, I find myself completely brainwashed by the local “fashion” and find myself wearing…guess what? The matching velvet sweatpant outfit!!!!

CZ: Kazdy vi, ze obleceni v Americe je jedno z nejlevnejsich na svete. Obrovske velkoobchody jako jsou Target, Marshalls nebo Wallmart nabizeji tyto veci temer za pakatel. Za 20 dolaru si v Targetu muzete koupit celou vybavu! Tricko za 5 dolaru, kalhoty za 10 a nausnice s retizkem za zbylych 5 dolaru – proste temer jako v nebi! Castokrat posilam rodicum a kamaradum kalhoty nebo svetry, protoze jsou tady v 3 krat levnejsi.
Ted, kdyz jsme si ujasnili ze nakupovat obleceni v Americe je opravdu levne, dava naprosty smysl, ze tu lide (hlavne zeny) trpi “shopping mania” a mnoho z nich jsou castymi ucastniky tzv. “Shopoholics anonymous” meetingu. Co mi ale nejde do hlavy je jedna vec: na co ty vsechny oblecky potrebujou?? Opravte mne jestli se mylim, ale 99% zenskych se tady navlikne do teplakove soupravy (tuto uprdenost se snazi zamaskovat sametovym materialem z ktere jsou teplaky vyrobene, aby se nahodou nereklo, ze jsou to uplni vagabundi), nasadi si tenisky a tim jsou s cincanim hotove. Zensky se tady proste nemaji, kam nafintit! Jelikoz celkova uroven oblekani klesla na bod mrazu (= teplakova souprava), je potreba mnoho enegrie tomuto zahubnemu trendu odolat. I ja sama tu mam problem s upotrebenim meho celkoveho satniku, natoz kupovat nove hardy! Jednou za cas se povinne nutim divat se na televizni program zvany “What not to wear” a pripomenu si veci, ktere mi castokrat uplne zmizi z mysli jako jsou boty na podpadku, sukne nebo dokonce naramky a nahrdelniky! Nevim jestli je to tim, ze jsem oficialne “matkou” anebo proto, ze nezijeme v nejakem kosmopolitnim evropskem meste,  ale na tyto az “ufonske” predmety dosti zapominam.  Misto toho se casto najdu ovlivnena okolnimi “vykriky mody” a zkoncim, hadejte v cem? V sametove teplakove souprave!!!!

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  • klaudia March 29, 2009, 1:59 pm

    Tanja, you are so right about usa fashion, I even saw ladies with rollers in their hair doing a grocery shopping it is pretty hilarious. That you could never got a way with in Czechoslovakia. I was also wondering how I could become one of your writers on your blog ?

  • Tanja March 30, 2009, 6:58 pm

    I have not seen that one yet!
    I will let you know…

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