Czech activities abroad: September 08′ / Ceske akce v zahranici na zari 08′ Czech activities abroad: September 08′ / Ceske akce v zahranici na zari 08′ | Czechmatediary

Czech activities abroad: September 08′ / Ceske akce v zahranici na zari 08′

So we are back in business! September is a busy month as far as Czech stuff goes. Just to give you a little glimpse let me mention couple of names such as Plastic People of the Universe, Anna K. or Jaromir Nohavica…not bad, right??

CZ: Tak jsme zase v provozu! Ceske akcicky kam se jenom mrknete! Jen tak ze zacatku bych rada zminila par “bezvyznamnych” jmen jako jsou Plastic People of the Universe, Anna K, nebo Jaromir Nohavica.…neni to spatne, co??

1. North Miami, FL
What – Plastic People of the Universe (Vaclav Havel’s favorite Czech rock band)
When – September 27th
Where – American Czech-Slovak Cultural Club

2. New York, NY

a. What“Dobry Den” with Jaroslav Pizl (an open, informal meeting with a specific theme of discussion that provides and opportunity to exchange ideas and enjoy the company of people with and interest in the Czech Republic)
When – Sept. 29th
Where – Czech Center, NY (click here)

b. WhatVojtech Jasny (an 82-year-old Czech director), a Retrospective; Czech Center will be showing a series of Votjech Jasny’s movies with a foreword of Vojtech himself!
When – Sept. 19th – Sept.25th
Where – Czech Center, NY

3. USA
What – Anna K USA Tour (the most awarded female pop singer from CR !!)
When – Sept. 25th – Oct. 4th
Where – Costa Mesa, San Diego, San Francisco, Denver, Chicago, New York

4. Astoria, NY
What – Luscinia Student Choir from Opava (CR) performs traditional floks songs and dances.
When – Sept. 5th
Where – Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden (click here)

5. Victoria, TX
What – 23rd Annual Czech Herritage Festival
When – Sept. 28th
Where – Victoria Community Center (

6. Darien, IL
What – Sokol Town of Lake 120th Anniversary luncheon
When – Sept. 14th
Where – Sokol of Town of Lake (Darien, IL)

7. Cadott, WI
What – CGSI Meeting with the lecture on the Czech migrant life (and Kolace Break!)
When – Sept.7th

8. New Prague, MN
What – Dozinky Days (24th Annual Czech Harvest Festival)
When – Sept 19th& 20th

9. Panhandle, NE
What – Czech Heritage Day
When – Sept 28th
9. Prague, NE
What – Czech Heritage Day
When – Sept. 28th

10. Tucson, AR
What – September Get-together
When – Sept. 14th
Where – Czech-Slovak American Club of Tucson

11. York, NE
What – First Annual Dumpling Cook Off
When – Sept. 6th
Where – York Senior Center

12. Omaha, NE
What – Gerda’s Bakery – Oktoberfest
When – Sept. 12th & 13th

13. Washington, DC
What – Play: “I Served the King of England”
When – Sept 12th
Where – Avalon Theatre

14. Cadwell, TX

What – Kolache Festival

When – Sept 13th (more info:

15. New York, NY

What – Slovak Festival

When – Sept. 28th

Where – PCN Bank Arts Center


Toronto, ONTARIO

1. What – 4th Benefit Concert of Czech music (featuring a jazz star Eva Emingerova)
When – Sept. 12th
Where Toronto

2. What – “My Country” by Bedrich Smetana
Where – Toronto Philharmonia

3. What – Jaromir Nohavica Canada/USA tour
Where – Ukrainian Cultral Centre
When – Sept. 9th

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