Paulina Porizkova is back! / Pavlina Porizkova je zpet! - CzechmatediaryPaulina Porizkova is back! / Pavlina Porizkova je zpet! - Czechmatediary
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Paulina Porizkova is back! / Pavlina Porizkova je zpet!

Pavlina Porizkova / imageI was listing through the magazines the other day and found a a small article on Paulina (really “Pavlina”) Porizkova, the 80’s hottest model ever, and the fact that she is currently featured on one of the worst shows ever – the America’s Next Top Model. As I was reading the article, I thought to myself:”Hmmm, she would fit into my Famous Czechs/Slovaks category!” and decided to put her in the CMD Hall of Fame.

CZ: Tak jsem si pred nedavnem v cekarne prohlizela magaziny a natrefila jsem na kratoucky clanek o Pavline Porizkove (pracuje ted na dosti trapne reality show America’s Next Top Model). Jelikoz byla v 80tych letech jednou z nejpopularnejsich modelek na svete, rozhodla jsem se ji za tento modelovy “ulet” udelit pardon a zaradit ji na list Znamych Cechu a Slovaku zijicich v zahranici:

Paulina was born in Prostejov (former Czechoslovakia) in 1965. Three years later her parents emigrated to Sweden, leaving 3-year old Pavlina behind. For 4 years it was Pavlina’ grandmother who took care of her until her parents finally managed to bring her over to Sweden.

As a “welcome gift” Pavlina received a news that mom and dad are getting divorced. Her stunning looks didn’t keep her away from her modeling career for long; she started to model when she was 15 years old – not only in Sweden but also in Paris and New York. Soon after she became the multimillion-dollar face of Estee Lauder which made her so famous that every girl wanted to look like her. She also stared in The Cars “Drive” video (see YouTube video bellow) where she met her current husband – the The Cars front man – Ric Ocasek. Now, let’s stop right there. Not very many people know that his last name is Czech, meaning “little tail”. And indeed Rick does have some Czech heritage in him – I bet that is why Pavlina got attracted to him. She also starred in a couple of pretty known movies such as Anna and Her Alibi (co-starring with Tom Selleck – who is partially Slovak by the way).

After a long pause Pavlina returned back to the spotlight in 2007 where she performed at the 4th season of Dancing with the Stars ( her and her partner were the 1st couple to be voted off). During her long stay-home-mom break she also turned down the opportunity to play a Bond girl in 1995’s GoldenEye. Besides being on the lamest shows ever, Pavlina has been also spending some time writing books. She authored the autobiographically inspired novel A model Summer (it actually received a very good reviews) and also co-wrote the children’s book The Adventures of Ralphie the Roach. She has 5 sons – 3 stepsons and 2 of her own.


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  • pavlina palmer September 17, 2008, 9:09 pm

    hi. i am 14. my name is also pavlina. i got adopted, and im doing a project about my name… and im suppose2 see if anyone els in the world has my name. and i found u. so yea, i was born i bulgaria and lived in an orphanage til i was 5. i am so lucky that i got an oppertunity to come to america and learn so much=]

    well, my project is due 2marrow…

  • Tanja September 18, 2008, 11:49 am

    Hi Pavlina,

    there are A LOT of Pavlinas in Czech as well as Slovakia; I am not sure if it has any kind of meaning but it sure is a pretty name – especially when you pronounce it the American way – Paulina 🙂

    Well, good luck on your project!

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